Ayeyarwady Bank Branches

yeyarwady Bank branches

("Burmese": ?????

????; AYA Bank) is a private bank in Myanmar. The Ayeyarwady Bank Limited offers banking products and services.

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The Ayeyarwady Bank Ltd. Burmese: ????; AYA Bank) is a privately owned bank in Myanmar. The AYA Bank was founded on 2 July 2010 with the approval of the Central Bank of Myanmar. As of August 2017, AYA Bank had 225 branches. The Ayeyarwady Bank provides a range of bank management solutions and support to individuals and businesses. The Ayeyarwady Bank obtained its bank licence from the Central Bank of Myanmar on 2 July 2010 and commenced operation on 11 August 2010.

It is entitled to act as an independent bank for investments or developments in the German economy and to carry out authorised bank activities:

The Ayeyarwady Bank Limited offers Western Union(R) services in Myanmar

Western UnionĀ® purchases can be received by customers at over 280 Myanmar sites (Note 1), which cover 13 of the 14 states and departments, within a matter of minute (Note 2) after shipment. AYA Bank will include 60 bank branches in its retailing networks, all of which offer Western Union Money Transfer, as part of the deal within two years.

"AYA Bank is pleased to welcome this fast-growing bank to join our worldwide agent base and expand it to take the globe to every part of Myanmar," said Chris Cruzado, Oceania & Indochina Region VP, Western Union. "Together we will provide Myanmar's nationals and foreigners with quick, reliable and convenient bank transfer services.

" "It is an honour to work and be associated with a powerful Western Union worldwide bank that provides our clients in Myanmar with a much needed level of customer support to obtain cross-border bank transfers from over 200 country and territory (Note 1) around the world," said U Phyo Aung, Chief Executive Officer of AYA Bank. "Adding Western Union's full product portfolio to AYA Bank's product portfolio will help us to further advance our objectives of better serving our clients and securing our long-term future business and stakeholder development.

" Ever since the start of Western Union Service in Myanmar in January this year, Western Union has been used by customers from 107 different nations and territory, among them Australia, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, UAE, USA, UK and other EU states. The Western Union was the first truly worldwide provider of foreign exchange in Myanmar after the relaxation of restrictions on investments and trades in 2012.

Monies may be deferred or non-available due to certain transactions terms, which may include the amount sent, the target market, monetary access, regulation and FX matters, necessary recipient actions, identifying requests, agent opening times, timing variations or the choice of deferred option. Western Union Company (NYSE: WU) is a leading provider of worldwide payments solutions.

In conjunction with the Vigo, Orlandi Valuta, Pago Facil and Western Union Business Solutions billing solutions, Western Union offers customers and companies quick, dependable and easy ways to make and take funds anywhere in the globe, make and accept transfers and buy wire transfers. On March 31, 2013, the Western Union, Vigo and Orlandi Valuta brands were marketed through a joint sales and service organization of approximately 515,000 agencies in 200 markets and approximately 100,000 cash dispensers.

The Western Union Company made 231 million consumer-to-consumer deals globally in 2012, with $79 billion in consumer-to-consumer and $432 million in corporate pay. The Ayeyarwady Bank obtained its bank licence from the Central Bank of Myanmar on 2 July 2010 and commenced operation on 11 August 2010. It is a full-service bank and has an authorised merchant bank offering both national and cross-border bankage.

The bank has expanded continuously since its foundation, the number of branches rose to 41, the number of cash dispensers to 50 and the number of client accounts rose to over 400 million US dollars by July 2013. Today it is one of the country's top financial institutions. It is continuing to expand its bank's bank branches throughout Myanmar, concentrating on developing client relationships, providing superior client support and providing the full line of national and global banking and e-channel solutions.

In order to reinforce its corporate policy, the Bank relies on enablers in technologies, invests in its people and continues to strengthen its corporate governance, venture and regulatory structures to deliver balanced and sustained economic development. AYA' vision is to be recognised as the premier bank in Myanmar by striving for excellence and long-term sustained development for the bank and its shareholders.

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