Ayeyarwaddy Division

Division Ayeyarwaddy

It is an excellent experience of a life along the gracious Ayeyarwaddy Delta. MIMU. The Ayeyarwady area, also known as the Delta area, is a coastline between the Bay of Bengal in the western part and the Andaman Sea in the eastern part. Ayeyarwady borders Rakhine, Bago and Yangon and is made up of 26 cities with a surface area of 35,964 sqkm. The Ayeyarwady state is Myanmar's most populous state with an estimate of 6.

32 million (2011 HMIS data) and a per -square-kilometre demographic densities of 176 persons.

The Ayeyarwady area has the highest proportion of inhabitants who live in the countryside (88%) compared to city areas (12%).

DIVISION AYEYARWADDY | Golden Clover Travel & Tours

I was interested in different lands and culture from an early age, traveling to many different places for several long periods, sometimes even long time. He used to tell me about Myanmar every day, a land somewhere between India and Thailand, an exceptional land with gold coupons, lovely scenery and charming souls. Anyone who thinks that traveling in Myanmar consists of tedious trips to thousand of gold sanctuaries is making a big error.

Traveling in Myanmar can be adventures and trilling at its best. Two cabin on never-ending stairs, who has ever ascended the perilous bamboos of a huge Buddha or looked in the belly of the largest lying Buddha in the worid for the right way out, who has outwitted the ambulant civilian police on the procession to the Gokteik viaduct to take a prohibited photograph from the viaduct or who is throwing his shade with a warm aeroplane onto the Dhammayangyi pagoda, surely captures the adrenaline.

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