Aya Bank Yangon

Yangon Aya Bench

AYA Bank is headquartered in the Rowe Building Kyauktada Township of Yangon. Find out more about working at AYA Bank. AYA BANK LIMITED's SWIFT code in YANGON, Myanmar is AYABMMMY. Learn more about this bank or institution. The AYA Bank, MPU, JCB introduce the first corporate credit card in Myanmar.

AYA Bank ( H.O) Rowe, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) map

are latitude and latitude coordinates: 16.774513, 96.160454. The AYA Bank ( H.O.) Rowe is a small bank near Yangon City Hall, Maha Bandula Road, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). It' s a small bank with all kinds of bank service, from cash transfers to cross-border transactions.

It' usually quite full, as there are very densely settled areas around. AYA Bank ( H.O.) Rowe, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) has a degree of latitude of 16.774513 and a degree of latitude of 96.160454. The AYA Bank ( H.O) Rowe, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) is situated in the Myanmar region (Burma) in the Companies class with the following positions: 16 46' 28.2468'' and 96° 9' 37.6344'' E. The AYA Bank ( H.O) Rowe, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) is 16 metres high, which corresponds to 52ft.

AYA Bank ( H.O.) Rowe, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) is indicated in decimals and DMS (degrees, min. and seconds) above. Specified countrycode is in iso 2-size.


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