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Aeyarwady Bank Limited company research & ; investing information. The AYA Bank is located in Myanmar, Yangon. Address, telephone number, website, directions, opening hours and description of the bank can be found in our catalogue. The AYA Bank pursues excellent and long-term sustainable growth for the Bank and its stakeholders.

The Ayeyarwady Bank, Yangon, Myanmar | Headquarters, Adress, Phone, Website and Fast Codes

AYA BANK is a private all-purpose bank operating in private, business and SME finance, with its head office in Yangon. By June 2016, the Bank had a net of 157 branch offices. The information on this website does not replace professional juridical consultation by a professional who knows your specific circumstances.

However, we cannot accept any warranty for the topicality, correctness and completeness of the information. This bank list is made public only as a favour. The company accepts no responsability or accountability for mistakes or deletions in the list.

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The AYA Bank was acquired on 2 July 2010 from the Central Bank of Myanmar and relizenced under the Financial Institutions Law 2016. With 234 branch offices, 1.4 million customers, 4.7 trillion client accounts and 150 billion equity at the end of September 2017, the bank is the second biggest in the state.

The top 100 investors account for around 6% of the entire deposit volume, underscoring the trust of the general population. AYA Bank, a member of the UNGC, is dedicated to implementing best practice in the areas of good practice in the areas of business, financial management and risk management. The AYA Bank is also the only bank that is IFRS-compliant and the only one that has been tested by a major multinational company.

It has recruited talent and investment in Learning & Development to deliver long-term, sustained community development. In the coming years, the bank will further expand its bank branches and at the same time invest in excellent core banking, digital banking and Fintech-platform. The AYA Bank's goal is to offer a unified omni-channel user experience with cutting-edge software and service to all its clients.

AYA Bank also intends to reinforce its corporate Governance, Risks and Regulatory Structures to guarantee sustainable future economic development.

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