Aya Bank Branches in Yangon

Yangon Aya Bank Branches

There is no information available for this page: why no, city name, branch name, address and contact number. Myint Zaw (CEO). The Ayeyarwady Bank (AYA Bank). The MPU-JCB Co-Branded Corporate Credit - the first such product in Myanmar. An AYA ATM location map in branches and remote areas.

Asia-Money Best Bank Award 2018: Burma

The Ayeyarwady Bank, better known as Aya Bank, is a captivating bank. It was the first domestic credit provider to comply with IFRS in 2015 and was certified by one of the four major auditing companies worldwide. In the past year, as a trailblazer in the field of cell phone and online gaming, it has made major investments in the modernisation of its key bank system.

She volunteered for her first review of humans in 2014 and was the first bank in Myanmar to include independents as members of its executive committee. Aya Bank is hoping that this fast pace of transformation is only the beginning, as less than 10% of the population has official bank accounts. Opened its twentieth office in 2017, it has more than 8,200 employees and manages K4 trillion ($3 billion) in contributions and K3.5 billion in funds under management.

This February, the Bank formally requested the Bank to borrow new funds to increase its equity to 10% by the end of 2019. Asiamoney also has the full support of his colleagues: during a February trip to Yangon, every bank manager asked by Asiamoney spoke frankly about their appreciation for the creditor.

CB Bank, like the best in Myanmar, is always looking for new ways to make improvements. Established in 1992, the creditor has over the past few years focused on renewing its key lending system, implementing corporate online banking and meeting the needs of large local businesses looking to grow in Myanmar and beyond, as well as multinational corporations from abroad seeking to break into this huge and undeveloped markets.

The CB Bank was the first domestic creditor to launch before and after transport ECLs and ECLs and introduced a cash and forward rate transaction services for imports LCDs, outward returns and bank guarantee contracts. By 2017, it introduced a restructured trading entity and forex conversion equipment to address the needs of those companies looking to develop their presence in the region.

In addition, CB Bank has improved its IT skills and implemented new cashmanagement service - in particular e-payment and claims and liquidity managment solution - to meet the needs of multinational corporations, banks and non-governmental organisations. One of the major issues now is the introduction of smooth transition to the Bank's core customers' online service, which includes mass billing process.

CB Bank recognised the need to recruit managers from abroad and recruited two Singaporeans with many years of management expertise in this area: Mr. Toh Kai Leong, who has held positions at ING and OCBC as Director of Corporates and Mr. Liew Chee Seng, Advisor to CEO U Kyaw Lynn, who was previously Director of First Gulf Bank's Abu Dhabi Finance Group.

In Myanmar, digital bank is in the works. The CB Bank is by far the leading bank in this area. This was the first credit provider in Myanmar to launch ATMs, non-contact payments, CRM terminals and MBS. Over 500,000 of his clients are on the road with him.

He is also a forerunner in the Finnish industry and signed a contract with Qatar telecommunications provider Ooredoo Myanmar in September 2017 for the launch of M-Pitesan, a much-loved portable purse. The CB Bank now has over 1,100 Easi Mobil AGs dispersed throughout the entire Czech Republic, 136 of them in postal branches that act as trustworthy finance brokers and issue and collect money or make e-money for CB Bank's private and corporate clients.

"Liew Chee Seng, advisor to the CEO, explains Asiamoney - an important thought in a land where more than nine out of ten individuals have no bank accounts. The bank is not at a standstill either.

For 2018 and beyond, the plan includes the introduction of a CB Bank QR codes payment system that enables retailers to get access to online payment without a point-of-sale device; and a fresh emphasis on online safety - the creditor has teamed up with Cisco Advanced Service to guarantee the safety of its online service.

SMBs make up 90% of all enterprises in a predominantly cash-based economies, few of which have direct bank service provision. will be a spur to bringing bank traffic to small commercial property holders, guided by Yangon-based CB Bank. Established in 1992, the creditor sees small companies as an important cornerstone of the country's prosperity.

Focussing on eExcellence is the clear focal point of the SME business. The CB Bank has over 1,100 such brokers across the entire nation, usually columns of the domestic communities, acting as trustworthy brokers, enabling a grower or retailer to transfer funds through an broker to a CB Bank subsidiary in the closest towns or cities to cover everything from seed to consumables to employees.

This was the first bank, in collaboration with the Treasury, to establish a loan protection policy to help small businesses take out up to C20 million ($15,000) in the area. The CB Bank has two SME centers in Mandalay and Yangon, which are aimed at smaller companies and are to be expanded to 20 in the midterm.

With Myanmar opened after 2012, bank licenses were quickly granted - and Singapore's top creditors were in first place. In this year's prize for the best Myanmar bank goes to the OBC, which has been here since 1923. In April 2015, BCOCBC resumed its domestic bank business; in 2017, it emphasized its engagement with the nation by doubled its paid-up funds to $150 million and opened offices in Singapore, Malaysia and China, focusing on Myanmar.

The present regulations are preventing international financial institutions from delivering business or retailing advisory and financial support activities to companies in Asia, Europe and North America. The most recent high points are a three-year USD 30 million credit line to fund one of the biggest property developments in Yangon and a seven-year USD 40 million revolving credit line - the first of its kind in the state - to OCK Yangon for the construction of 900 telecommunications highways.

Led by CEO Daniel Tan, OCBC has made friendships in the communities, provided education to domestic banks and expanded the company's treasurer, commercial and cashmanagement capabilities to more than 20 private and government creditors. The KBZ is an extraordinary credit provider with a long tradition and incomparable links in the capitol Naypyidaw.

This disaster forced the bank to establish its department for societal initiatives, the KBZ Brighter Future Myanmar Fund, and get to work. The bank has provided $7 million in an effort to distribute safe drinking waters to tens of thousand communities in Shwan State. Another priority is education: the charity provides microcredit to more than 12,000 individuals in the Yangon countryside, and offers collegiate scholarships to tens of thousand of the best but impoverished Chinese undergraduates.

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