Avsi Foundation

The Avsi Foundation

AviSi Foundation The AVSI is represented in 30 emerging markets in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Its principal areas of action are in the fields of formation and basic human rights, town renewal, health, employment, farming, nutrition and health, transport, energy as well as the natural and environmental resources, human needs, immigrants and displaced persons, mission: is to enhance the human condition through joint projects of economic co-operation, with particular emphasis on formation, in accordance with the teachings of the Roman Catholics.

Vision method: The goal of our vision is to give people the opportunity to commit to a service that meets their actual needs. This is what AVSI refers to as " " ", basically to close the gulf between the individual and the network environment. Centricity of the person: Man is seen as a singular being in his basic relationship, as well as in his familiy and social life.

It is not possible to reduce the individual to a specific class or restriction such as poor, ill or disabled. Each individual and each society constitutes a human resources, regardless of their vulnerabilities. That means appreciating and empowering everything that has been done by human beings and help others to comprehend their own value and their own worth.

Based on a relation with the persons to whom the program is aimed and the construction with them on the base of their evolution. Civil society and subsidiarity: Developing countries must encourage organisations, gain recognition and appreciate the creation of intermediary institutions and a socially committed and accountable structure.

Encourage partnership with all local stakeholders to promote synergy and optimise available ressources. ASI RwandaReg. The AVSI has branches in 5 counties in the southern (Kamonyi, Nyanza and Ruhango), eastern (Gatsibo) and northern (Gicumbi) counties of the county, where it has established an important PVC programme and intervenes in other counties according to special needs.

AVSI's work in Rwanda follows the AVSI tradition and works directly with local authorities and individual people to make them a protagonist of their own future. It is this practical approach on the spot that has enabled AVSI to become conscious of the developing needs of the churches it is serving.

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