Average Income in Myanmar

Myanmar's average income

Myanmar Business Survey is one of the most important surveys conducted by CSO. Domestic income, crop types and agricultural productivity. A detailed description of taxes on individual income in Myanmar. Average household sizes are highest in Kachin and Chin. Consumption per capita of rice from different income groups in the cities - not.


Bachelor's degree, 8-12 years: "Compile, prepare and interpret reporting, budget, accounts, comments and annual reporting that perform policy analyses and assist in policy formulation by creating long-term operational schedules that conduct an examination of prices, competition and revenue, operating and expense drivers, and manage the budget, develop and manage finance systems/models that model and manage risks, model and monitor employees in conjunction with executives and other people.

Master's degree, 4-8 years: Master's degree, 16-20 years: Bachelor's degree, 2-4 years: Bachelor degree, 1-2 years: Bachelor's degree, 4-8 years: "Taking over the company's administration - taking over personnel finances including wages and salaries administration - preparing and logging evaluations of benefits - extending the employment agreement - personnel insurances - calculating, registering and submitting income taxes - working with the managing director in personnel recruiting and schooling.

  • Coordinate HR appointments, retraining and direction - Develop HR strategy plans, manuals and guidelines - Carry out other HR assignments allocated by the general manager - Other ad-hoc assignments as assigned". Bachelor's degree, 8-12 years: "Maintaining the day-to-day presence - arranging the vehicle - arranging the accommodation - supporting the personnel manager - providing the necessary documentation for the expatriate visas - providing the expatriate's staff with the necessary visas and residence extensions.

Master's degree, 4-8 years: Bachelor's degree, 8-12 years: Master's Degree training, 2-4 years expierience. Master's Degree training, 4-8 years expierience.

The average wage in non-German companies is almost twice as high as at home: poll

Contentment with the wage makes little distinction in the fluctuation rates, and how lucky one is with the wage has little to do with the employee's ages, educational levels or height, it says in a statement. Mijobs has published a full pay surveys of nearly 2,000 people in Myanmar.

It was carried out in the shape of an on-line questionaire with 2,000 anonymised people. It categorizes interviewees by seniority, training, salary levels, careers, job categories, types of companies and levels of contentment with the latest increase . MyJobs CEO Hans van Beek reported to The Myanmar Times on the main outcomes.

"First: How satisfied they are with their salaries has little to do on average with the average length of time, educational background or scale of the business they work for. Average values are about the same. "On average, those who work for multinational corporations and are more experienced in their careers are more satisfied with their salaries.

"Second, if on average humans deserve a higher wage, they are luckier with it. However, it is a surprise that it makes little difference what per cent of respondents remain with their employers, whether they are satisfied with their salaries or not," he said, and added that on average 75 per cent of these respondents still work for the same employers as a year ago.

In average, only if they are very satisfied with their salaries, more of them remain with the same employer: over 90h. The average monthly income of those surveyed is around 480,000 K, half of whom earn more than 300,000 K per months. While 70 percent of the surveyed staff work for a Myanmar based business, the average pay in an overseas business is almost twice as high as in a Myanmar based business.

And, on average, businesses with more than 20 staff members are paid a higher wage than businesses with less. The average person working in the fields of engineering, marketing and HR has the highest salaries. Designers and translator are very pleased with their work. On average, higher-tier staff are more content with their salaries, as are staff from multinational corporations.

It shows that individuals are just as satisfied with their salaries, regardless of the scale of the business they work for, their ages between 20 and 40 and whether or not they have a college or college qualification. It reminds businesses that if they want to use wage level as a means to motivate workers to remain longer, wage level must be significant, and many businesses are looking for other ways to retain theirs.

Speaking to the Myanmar Times, Hans van Beek said that counselling and education are important issues. "From what I am hearing, the most efficient ways to provide job-specific education and counseling for people's individual growth are solid guidance and good human resources management," he said. One important realization is that younger persons have a higher fluctuation ratio than older persons.

"61% of 21-25 year-olds replied that they still work for the same firm as a year ago. In one year, for both, masculine and feminine, 1976pc still works for the same firm, and 1983pc still has a similar sibling. Both sexes are just as satisfied with their payroll.

The average monthly wage for both men and women is K 480,000. Nevertheless, the average monthly wage for men is K275,000, 9 pc less than that of women, K300,000. "In general, I would say to businesses that they should keep a very sharp watch on what is an appropriate pay grade for their employees.

"Furthermore, it must be ensured that it is a top priorities for supervisors and head of departments to educate and coaches their employees. "After all, you should make sure that a series of regular actions are in place to help those in the business sense of belonging to a group.

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