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Avenues Restaurants, see all restaurants in The Avenues with menus, reviews, photos and phone numbers. TripAdvisor for restaurants near IHOP, Kuwait City: The Obicà Mozzarella Bar is an Italian restaurant, kiosk and cafeteria in Midtwon Manhattan, at the famous Trump Tower. The Avenues Proper Restaurant & Publick House, Salt Lake City, UT. Locate the best restaurants near The Avenues, Kuwait City for you.

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Grand Avenue, with its heat-resistant roofed roof, is a one-of-a-kind retail and eating pleasure as it is influenced by many of Europe's citys. "Galleria " is also another home of top restaurants from around the world, landing in the Middle East for the first case and situated on a two-storey area with a view of the tabloid to create an open-air atmosphere and enjoy the cuisine.

SoKu ('Southern Kuwait') is an occasion for a club of fans to discover and try its hip, discerning and fashionable restaurants and cafes, enjoy the intriguing two level restaurants and restaurants of both countries and the two farms, which are enhanced by their relaxing and relaxing cityscape.

Here you will find a large selection of classical and modern restaurants and cafés of international renown, inspired by the unique, relaxed ambience that can only be found in The Mall. This is a development into the restaurant business, all the different types of cuisine range from demanding styles, starting with exquisite dishes to a series of informal dinners, followed by chocolatier and gelataria specialities to re-define the mass es' gastronomic nerves.

Modelled on a Kuwaiti tradition, The Souk is an expression of the region's historic retailing heritage with its local restaurants that have been influenced by the local culture, including Mediterranean, Persian, Arabic and Hindi cuisine, from savoury meals to sweets, followed by an unforgettable gulp of warm teas or beans.

Wherever style encounters luxurious, the prestigious quarter provides its guests with a luxurious world-class retail environment and a home to first-class restaurants and cafés that offer the best of high-end gourmets' flavours and cuisine. The connection to prestige from the Meczanine and from the arcades directly below, is the highest qualitiy of eating; The Gardens.

Lovely sweeping, light-transmissive rooftop rises above a garden patio and offers a shady outdoor delicatessen. There are five characteristic restaurants in this coveted place, each of which shares a monastic oratory.

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