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Netherlands The Authority Newspapers, Maitaima, Abuja, Abuja, Nigeria. Newspapers Nigerian Authority Today, Nigeria authority news headlines today, latest authority news in Nigeria. Adresses and contact details of the public authority newspaper in aba. For more information about the App Store, SDK, Authority News rankings, permissions, and advertising data, visit the Google Play Store. Latest news and comments on the Financial Conduct Authority.

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I' m an accounting clerk for a China firm. It seems to me this firm is stealing Nigerian cash. One name is LTD?Opening Raiffeisen Zenith Banka Plc (Benin Branch), banking adress is 86.Akpakpava road.Benin city.Account No:1013861655. Another is Sterling Banka, account number is 0031915279, account name is NIGERIA CERAMICS CITIZENS.

One is used for their factories to raise funds from their customers, the second for customs declarations. Your actual sales can amount to 1.5 billion per months. This is the second bankroll they ask customers to leave a small amount of cash to show little sales to cover taxes.

I' m leaving this firm for a year. Can' know if they're using another bankroll to raise funds. I' ve heard from these China masters that the WEMPCO GROUP is doing the same to reduce customs duties. to do these illicit things to harm our country. So I resign my work.

and return the funds to our people. This is my voting slip, the two accounts I am photographing from Time Ceramics. To ask the clients to put one million naïra a month to show the sales.

A further one is this China based trading volume bankroll.

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It is our task to create an outstanding newspaper of general interest, based on truth and justice, that serves as a voices for the speechless and reaches all ignored parts of the land, reporting on the small and big topics of the daily; a newspaper that concentrates on messages with a personal face, messages concerning the normal Nigerians, their struggles and pain, as well as their victories and pleasures.

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