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A draft code of conduct for official statistics has been submitted for consultation by the UK statistical authority. The Lee Valley Regional Park Authority is reviewing its parking fees. Here you will find news about the port of Gibraltar - from the availability of dry docks and bunker prices to articles and interviews. Now, the message aggregator Nuzzel is added. Members of the Chamber and special guests are invited to inform themselves about the services of the Cayman Register and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

The Somerset Rivers Authority is spending 5 million on flooding protection

Approximately 12% of the total amount was spent on excavating 5 km of the Parrett river and clearing mud and other waterway works over 40 km. The group was formed after the severe floods on the Somerset plains that ravaged farmhouses, companies and houses. The peasants and local people had denounced the shortage of excavation work on the Tone and Parrett River, which made the floods even worsen.

The Environment Agency paid 6 million in 2014 for the excavation of 8 km of the two creeks. The SRA has been responsible for excavating new sections of the river and canals since. Work was carried out along the Parrett River upstream of Burrowbridge in December 2017.

"We will remove 32,000 m³ of sludge - that is more than with the pioneering excavation immediately after the flooding," says Osman. It has also invested 300,000 in a Cannington floods protection programme and almost 100,000 pounds in improvements to existing pump station facilities.

Latest News | Human Tissue Authority

The Human Tissue Authority (HTA) today published the amount of the license payments for the 2018/19 financial year. New royalties will take effect from April 2018 and will be charged on the same base as 2017/18. The HTA will hold its open session this year on Thursday 19 July at the Grosvenor Hotel in Victoria.

We' ve found that some of those we're trying to contact don't read important news from HTA bank account.

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Please note: If you would like to receive our RSS newsfeed, we suggest that you use a category-supporting browser. July 03, 2018 Last Thursday (June 28) Police Scotland and the Security Industry Authority started a new event cycle in Glasgow to combat infiltration. June 22, 2018 SIA has published a call for tenders for a new supplier to provide assistance for the on-line license system STTP.

June 12, 2018 Showtime Securities Limited directors owed the delivery of non-licensed securities and owners culpable of intimidation of any witness. June 7, 2018 Today we welcome the release of the Ministry of the Interior's (the regulatory authority's) audit. June 05, 2018 On Thursday, May 31, Northampton asked for Northampton' s securities directors, Liam Warren of Firm But Intelligent (FBI) Securities Ltd blameworth.

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