Authentic Burmese Recipes

Genuine Burmese recipes

This is the version of the authentic fish soup (mohinga) my family prefers. This recipe we learned in our guesthouse in Mandalay. Granny Alvina Mangrai shares her favourite curry recipe with her granddaughter Alyssa in our video Cooking with Granny. And of course there are the authentic, tasty recipes. This recipe has an Indian influence, as authentic Burmese curry never contains cumin, coriander powder or other spices.

Shaan Noodles - Authentic Burmese Recipe

I have chosen a very satisfactory and simple recipes for our third Burmese recipes this months that the whole community enjoyed: The noodle or the squeak. The finest Burmese cuisine! Today, it is a favourite in the land of the Golden Pagodas, although it is widespread in both the Mandalay area and the state of the River Shaan from which it originates.

The Shan is the most eastern state of Myanmar. Bordering China, Thailand and Laos, it shows why varieties of the Shan noodle recipes are loved in the Chinese Yunnan and Chiang Mai provinces of Thailand. Burmese shan pasta is an easy-to-prepare Burmese dish in which chickens or pig meat are boiled in tomato and placed over a layer of paddy noodle.

You can serve it with or without stock. It is often eaten on the side when it' s sauced. It is also eaten with marinated green and sometimes with roasted chickpeas toffu. The pasta has two types: san lake, which are tacky and shallow and yay, which are round, thin and not tacky.

They can eat shoan pasta either as salads or soups, and in both cases the dressing is similar. The only difference is the pasta. The pasta is the one used for the noodle, whether it is round or not. They are often used as a meal for breakfasts, although they can be consumed all the time.

Finished in less than 30 min and the whole familiy liked those Burmese pasta! Soe Thein, our Burmese chef and chef, who is the creator of Burma's award-winning Lime and Cilantro blogs, has confirmed this formula. Burmese pasta is a simple Burmese dish in which tomato boiled chickens or pig meat are poured over a layer of pasta, sometimes with stock.

Put the pasta in a large dish of cool toast. Switch off the stove and place the dry pasta on top. Mix in the minced chickens (or pork), sunflower seeds, sunflower seeds, sunflower seeds and onions. Mix together the sunflower seeds, adding the sunflower seeds, sunflower seeds, soy gravy and sugars and cook for 15 min over moderate temperature until all the seeds are fresh.

Place a fistful of pasta in a dish. 4 tbsp poultry red wine, squashed groundnuts and season to taste using skewers. Called by his mates as such, he is always looking for uncommon recipes and methods where it is not possible to find one.

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