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The Austrian Airlines AG, partly abbreviated to Austrian, is the former Austrian airline and a subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group. Check Austrian Airlines fares with other airlines. View Austrian Airlines flights, routes, maps, prices per month and find the cheapest flights. Verified Austrian Airlines customer reviews, view Austrian Airlines photos, review customer reviews and opinions on Austrian Airlines standards. AERA is part of the Lufthansa Group, Europe's largest airline group, and a member of the Star Alliance, the first global alliance of international airlines.

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Wellcome to Austria, the land of wonderful scenery, abundant historical and mythical sounds..... Be it rolling in Vienna, listening to Mozart's opera in his birthplace Salzburg or exploring the ski resorts around Innsbruck, Austria has everything you could wish for..... Would it be an exaggeration to say that France is a cultured nation?

Famous are the Paris art collections, home to countless works of art, among them the French Impressionists. To enjoy a gastronomic adventure, visit Lyon, the recognized city. With its breathtaking rosette, Chartre is one of the most beautiful Berlin is undisputedly Europe's capitol of coolness. Munich, the business centre in the south of Germany, is the place where enjoyment comes in an impetuous state.

FRAFTFURT is a commercial town. However, a different type of lighthouse is dominating the town. At 5 meters, the cathedral is the highest cathedral in the whole wide open space, flooded with culture. Renaissance masterworks, such as Michelangelo's David, can be seen in the alleys and plazas of Florence.

It is a fortune for a land as pretty and important as Rome to have Venice! One of the best ways to come to Italy is of course its tasty foods and wines - the cooking of each area is unique and reflects the local atmosphere very well.

If you want to go downhill or cross-country in the Alps in ski season, hike or climb in the mountains in season or take an inspirational citypast. Switzerland will not leave you in the lurch. Let yourself be enchanted by Zurich's quaint old town, find the secrets of Geneva's watchmaking, make a trip to the Montreux Jazz Festival or just relax and savour the Mediterranean atmosphere in Lugano on the south edge of the Alps.

There is something for everyone in London, England's main city, for lovers of the arts, shoppers, partygoers and historical lovers. Explore the southern part of England with the old coastal cities of Brighton and Bath. Walk in the Lake District or attend the International Eisteddfod in Llangollen, Wales, an annual Welsh literary, musical and vocal event.

Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness in Scotland are well deserved a week-end excursion, as are the great highlands and the tranquil majesties of Loch Ness the capitol Tehran is a vibrant and busy commercial and educational town. It is a good season to come in as the town is only a few minutes away from the Alborz Mountains skiing area.

Esfahan, the old capitol, really is stealing the show. There are two UNESCO Natural and Cultural Patrimony Site - the Naqsh-e Jahan Square, which is encircled by historical monuments and on Friday evening draws a variety of picnics, and the Imam Mosque, which is adorned with the colourful tile so characteristic of Esfahan.

Indeed, some of the characteristics that still determine civilization today - alphabetization, justice and governance - were indeed brought to life in this old state. Though the most widely uttered in Iraq is Arabian, Austrian Airlines is flying to Erbil in the Nordic countries, where Kurdish is generally used. It has seen many turbulent incidents, among them two Mongolian besieges for many hundreds of years, but also from a pure historic point of view the antique town of Jerusalem is one of the most intriguing traveling places in the whole time.

Indeed, there are many archeological places throughout the land that are definitely deserving of a patron. Tel Aviv is Israel's economic metropolis. The skyscraper is populated by banks and high-tech enterprises. If you want to enjoy delicious shellfish in an evocative environment, you' ll have the chance to explore the old seaport of Jaffa, which has now become part of Tel Aviv, and in many places you can see stunning archeological relics.

Amman has some beautiful buildings, such as the Roman Theatre and the Citadel with the Temple of Hercules. Petra, the deserted town with its renowned stone graves and shrines, is one of the country's most visited tourist attractions. What about an memorable excursion to the Wadi Rum - towns and villages testify to the fast changing economy of this state.

Giza's Great Pyramid is a miracle of antiquity, and the Valley of the Magi is known as Tutankhamun's cemetery. It is a sunny coast and a center for dipping, wind surfing and other aquatic activities. We had to build the stunning new airfield 20 leagues off the coast on an islet.

It' s characteristic of this energy-packed town that the entire operation was finished in just six years. Picturesque streetcars from the days of Britain are still part of the Hong Kong fashion community and are located in a land of iridescent contrasts between futurist hi-tech and centuries-old cultur.

Tokyo, Japan's capitol and the biggest metropolis region in the hemisphere, is the Akihabara district, where you can immerse yourself deeply in the mad popularity of Japan, where people celebrate manifestations of menga, animes, cosplay and corn caf├ęs. Following a tour of the Imperial Palace and Meiji Shrine, take the Shinkansen high-speed railway and a boat to Okinawa in the southern part of a southern Caribbean isle.

Following the source from southwest to northeast, you can explore Osaka and the ancient city of Kyoto, both full of historic sites, monuments, churches, shrines and fortresses that have been included on UNESCO's UNESCO cultural landmark-listing. The Fuji Hakone Izu National Park with the sacred Mount Fuji in the center.

Attend a typical japanesese-style thermal spring thermal spring thermal spring thermal well. While relaxing on the sandy beaches of the sea you can almost picture yourself sitting on a lonely islet - a rather luxury deserted islet where you can always order a cold beverage and retreat to your room.

Sril Lanka is an isle with a great wealth of nature. There are unspoilt shores and the south coast has some great surfing. There are also some great animal attractions in the inner part of the islands, such as the Pinnawala Orphanage, which is home to elephant babies walking in the forrest.

The exquisite Sri Lankan food is a reflection of both the wooded interior and the rich sea of the islands. It is also the spiritual core of this deep buddhistic land and the home of the Thai king couple. Every excursion to the town should definitely visit some of the approximately 400 buddhistic churches.

For those who like a little spoiling and sunny, we recommend the south of Phuket. It' a world-class center for aquatic activities, which includes dipping and wind surfing, and has some of the best spas you can imagine. Mauritius is a favourite tourist spot with sunny sandy shores all around the whole archipelago and Blue Bay with the cleanest sea in the canal.

Its monuments do not end with cascades, stunning natural reserves, protected areas for endangered wildlife and crystalline waters, but the architectural style of the archipelago is a reflection of its colorful past. There are many small Creole towns and places of interest on the islands. Convince yourself when you travel to Mauritius via Vienna with Austrian Airlines, because the towns could not be more different.

With a skylined skyscraper, Toronto is a flourishing commercial area. Throughout Montreal, the capitol of amusement, it has an ancient allure. Vancouver, in the west, is a flourishing harbour and a center for whalewatching. There' s a whole land full of concealed suprises to explore. The town has tens of them, each of whom sells their own unmistakable brew.

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