Australian Visa for Myanmar Passport Holder

Myanmar passport holder Australian visa

Some passport holders are also entitled to apply for a visitor visa online for immigration, visas and citizenship. Anyone except Australian citizens must apply for a visa before entering Australia. Aboriginal travel visas for Burmese citizens. Burmese passport holders require a valid Australian travel visa for tourism or business travel. It' important that you check the details of your travel visa as soon as your passport is returned to you.

Australian Visas for Myanmar Passportholders residing in the United States of America

Aussie Visum Antragformular... To place an order on-line, please dowload, printout and signature the Australia Visumantrag, which was created by our system under your bankroll. On 3 parts of the software, a signature is required: Notarised copy of Myanmar Pass. An NOTARISED copy of your Myanmar Pass, with a minimum of 6 months' time.

Do NOT return your genuine pass. Identity photo: 1 Add a photograph with a blank backdrop taken within the last 6 month. Do not buy a ticket until the permit has been granted. After 5 May 2014, if the candidate has been in Afghanistan, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia or Syria for at least 28 consecutive nights, he or she must present a global immunization record for poliovirus.

It shall clearly state the name of the claimant as the accountholder, the balance of the balance and the date of the bank statements. Notice of employment. A copy of a copy of a letter from your company on company paper with your company contacts indicating that a holiday has been allowed, the reason and length of the journey and that you will return to your work.

Please send an offical note from your language course in which you state that you are in good condition and that you are enrolled for the coming year. When you retire, please present evidence of your pension plan. It is a private invite from the Australian hosting company. When you are going to see your relatives or your relatives, you must present an e-mail inviting the guest and the host's name, the reason and length of the stay, the date, the address and your name.

They must also produce evidence of the Australian host's Australian citizenship or, if he is not an Australian resident, a copy of his residency visa and the information pages of his Australian resident as well. When you receive funding from a hosting organisation or other sponsors in Australia, please submit a copy of that person's account card.

In your host's invitations, please indicate the type of assistance (financial assistance, accommodation, etc.). Instant information about your loved ones. and a copy of your identity card and the details of your loved ones. For rentals without a rental agreement, please send a written request from the property manager indicating the length of your holiday and the contractual conditions.

It'?s a friendly note. An individual cover note from the claimant to the Australian Embassy describing the purposes of the journey, the date of the journey, the towns to be attended and the location of accomodation. Letters must be drafted and autographed by the person applying for the visas or their parents or guardians. It is not possible for a tourist agency to present the document on the name of the person applying for the visas.

Conscription file. In the case the petitioner has been in the armed forces, please present a validated copy of your passport or dismissal documents (for the former military). Evidence of the name changes. If, at any point in the application process, the claimant has altered his or her legitimate name, please enclose a copy to prove the name modification.

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