Australian Tiffanie

Tiffanie, Australian

Aussie Tiffanies have a photogenic appearance and a wealth of personality! Tiffanie cat in Australia. FROM COLLEEN WALTERS Kurranulla Tiffanies & Devon Rex. Though some of our long-haired burmillas have Australian Tiffanie ancestors. Description and photos of Tiffanie cats.

Tiffanie Australian cat - Burke's backyard

Australian Tiffanie is a very new kitten race, which was only recognized by the Waratah State Cat Alliance in 1999. The Australian Tiffanies are descendants of the Burmilla, a relatively new race (since 1981), which originated from the combination of Burmese and Chinchillas. Australian Tiffanie is basically a half-long hairy species of Burmilla, which usually has a hairy hair.

Originally considered an unwanted strain, interested growers soon began to give more consideration to these long-haired sorts. These growers realized that these species would occur in the composition of the first generations of Burmillas. A group of growers interested in the development of this strain filed a stud programme with the Feline Board in 1999 and the Australian Tiffanie was recognized as a new race in New South Wales.

Meanwhile, small breed programmes have begun in Victoria and Queensland and can be registered via New South Wales. Approximately 50 kittens are in the breed programme with nine breeder in NSW, three in Victoria and two in Queensland. Notice that the name Tiffanie is written with the ending'ie' and not with'y', as can be seen in the renowned US jewelry shop Tiffany & Co.

With it the race is to be distinguished from the long-haired Burmese, who are known as "Tiffany". The colors are the same as Burmilla. What is the main distinction between Australian Tiffanie and Burmilla? Its most conspicuous distinction is its semi-long-fuzz. The Australian Tiffanie also has three different fur designs (the Burmilla has only two).

Lovingly, kindly, sociably and well brought up the race summarizes. Farmers say these are not as obsessed as the Myanmar or Thai type, and rather than the sophisticated whimpering associated with these guys, the Australian Tiffanie will welcome you with a calm miaow. The Australian Tiffanies have a moderate degree of activities and are generally considered less energetic than the Burmilla.

Since the development of these half-longhaired species is due to the expressing of a transgenic species, Australian Tiffanies, which intersect with each other, will always develop similar, half-longhaired species. Since the Australian Tiffanies come from a crossing of two different races, they can have a good hybrids power. The Australian Tiffanie could be a more sturdy, healthy species than other purebred sires.

However, growers state that all Australian Tiffanies must be tested negatively for PKD before being bred. The Australian Tiffanie breeder claims that a stringent farming standards with a strong emphasis on the production of genetic health is the primary goal of the breeder. Grower begins at $1000. Aussie Tiffanies don't need much room or movement.

Tiffanies in Australia need a fast bridegroom about three days a weeks. He is the advertising agent for Australian Silvertails, the name of the Australian Tiffanie Breed Club. Colleen can be approached for information about growers in your area.

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