Australian Mist Kittens

kittens in fog

Aussie Fog Cats & Australian Fog Cats Breeders. They are excellent pets for children, even very young ones, as they are very tolerant and do not tend to scratch. Looking for a high quality Australian Mist Kitten? Well, if so, here's a list of all Australian fog cat breeders in the United States. With a temperament of Silverado Mist Australian Mist Cat Breeder Tops, full of love and fun, clever yet relaxed and friendly.


please see register card Older Kittens under Kittens! Aussie foggies. Unfortunately not all houses are suited for an Australian fog. The Australian Mist kittens cannot be optimally accommodated in some circumstances. That doesn't mean this house will never have an Australian mist.

It is sometimes a shift in circumstance or a later date that makes this house perfect for an Australian fog. The kittens are tested for their ability to fit the houses we have on our waitinglist. It' important to us that the kitty we place with our kitty purchasers is lucky in the house we have selected.

It' also important to us that the Megellna cat makes your home a home of happiness by making sure you have the necessary information to maintain your relationships with your Australian fog cat: All Megellna kittens go with x2 vaccination, x2 deworming, x2, Desexed, Microchipped, Pedigree Registered with ANCATS Inc,

Kite-Pack and my extensive Kitten Care Guide with lifelong care for you and your valuable new one.

kittens in fog

The kittens will be raised safely! AMCS members are asked to add their kittens to the AMCS litter lists, which are regularly renewed. Don't neglect to let us know when all your kittens are for sale! Notice that AMCS cannot take any liability for advices or information from single breeder regarding their kittens and kittens, their breed practice or catteries.

Please note that some breeder may require a non-refundable deposit when booking their kittens. Make sure the kittens are in good health, and never buy a cat just because you're sorry.

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