Australian Mist

Aussie Fog

Find out all about the Australian Mist Cat breed. Burmese & Australian Fog Cats. Australian crap is a breed with a really great personality that every cat owner will love. It is also Australia's national cat! Australian Fog Cat has been described as the ultimate loving cat that lives from the family community.

Aussie Fog - Facts and Information

Australia's fog comes from..... It is unmistakably in look and very popular as a companion animal because of its soft and lovable character. There is a lot of fog in Australia..... It is a middle size race with a strong but slim body. It has long feet, a big cock and big butt.

Australia's mediocre fog..... Owlers, breeder and lovers appreciate this race because of its soft, loving and conviviality. At home, Australia manure is a good race for the family with small kids - it is so soft that small groups of males can be accommodated together without the risk of aggravation.

Normally a sound fog weighs 8-12 lbs, with a lifespan of 12-15 years. For no race is without its infirmity.....

Lustav Mahler's Fog Cat Society

We are a society for everyone interested in Aussie crap, be it breeders, exhibitors, animal owners or anyone who wants to know more about this beautiful cats. We' re a group of humans who are enthusiastic about the fog cats. You can find the origin and the story of this beautiful race on our'Mists' page, but in short, it is a kitten that was designed in about 35 years by Dr. Truda Straede in Australia.

She' has used Myanmar, abyssine and Aussie house pets to improve a race known for their outstanding temper and fortunate to be a house puss! We' ll need 15 queens to make 4 accomplishments to get to the next level of leadership.

Attempts are made to visit as many shows as possible to give as many visitors as possible the chance to see beautiful kittens.

Aussie Fog Location

in a speckled robe. It is a mixed breed with mainly Myanmar and Abyssian outlines. Nowadays the speckled part of the fog name has disappeared, as the females are often more speckled than stained. Most of the Australian manure is grown in Australia, but there are more and more growers of this manure in the UK and North America.

Australia's fog is known for its outstanding temper and loves people. Australia's nebula is known as trusted, soft and very loving to people and other pets, and the Australia nebula is even known as kind to other people. Australia's fog is known to be about the same height and form as the Myanmar cats and has even developed with some of the fun and inquisitive features of the Myanmar cats.

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