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Aussie Fog

Semi-Burmese with a mixture of Abyssinian and native shorthair, the Australian manure is a truly breathtaking family animal. "Fog was developed as a domestic cat," explains Tricia Bristow, president of the Australian Mist Cat Society. Aussie fog cat breed history. A lot of people ask us what temperament the Australian Fog Cat has and how it differs from other cats. - I think that Australian crap is for you.

Story and evolution of the Australian Fog Cats

You are probably not alone if you have never known the Australian Fogbirds! Not many Australian Fogtails exist in the UK yet, but the race is rapidly gaining population! For more information about the Australian Fog Lady and her origin, please continue reading to find out all about this new and extraordinary cattery.

It was first born in 1976, when an Australian lover named Dr. Truda Straede brought forth the first pedigree of different origin. Australian Nebula has some of the characteristics of Myanmar and Absyssinian females, which are their forefathers, although the Australian Nebula is very different from both breeds and has its own appearance and behaviour.

The Australian nebulae are moderate-sized and have large, sensitive and expression-strong eyes. These nebulae can be seen in the distance. The Australian fog tends to reach a good old-age, often into old ages. Australian crap is gentle and closely connected with his whole household, enjoys a lot of patience as a pet and is the focus of his work!

This is still a relatively rare piece within Great Britain, only a small number of growers in Great Britain are breeding Australian manure, and you may have to go a little further to find one for sal. View the Australian Mist growers and Australian Mists for purchase here on pets4 homes.

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The Australian manure comes from Australia in 2007 and is one of our newest races, meticulous farming programs are working to make a truly camaraderie companion. Initially known as Spot Nebula, this race was begun in Australia in 1977 with a crossbreeding of the Burmese (50%) and Abyssinian (25%) races on domestic pets with short hair (25%).

The Australian Mists are middle size shorthair females with a round skull and big snout. Mist is an agiouti which is available in 6 colors - brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon and fawn. Australian fog has a wonderful colour.

They' re great pussycats and they' re enjoying the companion of other pets. The fog is a race that feeds on it. It is important, however, that they follow a healthy nutrition and do not overeat, as they can become obese. This adorable cat likes to stay in the house, but needs the companion of people or other males.

Aussie fog usually weighs between 8 -15 lbs (4 - 7kgs.) lifespan is about 15 -18 years averages. The two Australian Mist breeds have been able to include mandatory genetic tests in their UK registration and blood tests. It is recommended that those wishing to purchase this strain make sure that the grower checks the following terms and condition on a routine basis.

Since the Australian fog lady was descended from the Myanmar people, it is probably noteworthy to mention the Myanmar head defect. - This means that British breeders can still ensure that they are breeding from animals that are free of this terrible state. Remark: Since the Australian crap is still such a new race, it is still created with the originals Australian Ocrosses.

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