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Australian Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar. Canvassing / Business Networking / Australian Embassy: Myanmar: Australian Embassy in Myanmar Facebook page. Locate hotels near the Australian Embassy, Myanmar online. Embassy of Australia in Burma (Myanmar) .


If you are over 6 years old and wish to take a full-time course of studies in an "enrolled course" or in enrolled course sessions (whether or not the course results in the granting of a scholarship) and for scholarship-granters. You will be able to attend an Australian educational establishment on this type of travel permit.

Students with a residence permit can work up to 40 additional lessons per week to complete their study in Australia. Which sub-class of type of visa should I request? Your selection of the sub-class is dependent on the educational area in which you will study. Prerequisites for a students entry are dependent on your assessment level.

Levels of evaluation describe the prerequisites for obtaining a visas. You will be assessed according to your identity card and the educational field you wish to attend. You' ll find your Student Visas Assessments Levels. You can find more information about applying for a student visas under Student Visas.

For more information on your personal needs, please visit this website. Sanitary and characteristic demands. Requests for a study permit are submitted and handled at the Australian Embassy in Yangon. Please feel free to downlaod the check list for students' visas. This check list will help you with the preparation of all the documentation you need for your job interview.

Forms and brochures

In order to obtain your visas, you must use the proper and up-to-date registration card. When the incorrect and obsolete request has been used, the request is sent back and you must submit a new request. You can download all of our applications, shapes and brochures as PDF files.

For viewing and printing the form and brochures you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is therefore important that requests are as comprehensive as possible and that all dossiers are submitted at the moment of submission. Completed or poorly recorded requests may be deferred or rejected. After submitting your request, you may be asked for additional information or records regarding your particular situation.

It is important that you provide as much information as possible at the moment of submission, as a ruling can only be made on the information you have provided with your request. Doing so may lead to your resume being rejected. There are some supporting documentation that must be provided with your request for a visas.

There are different kinds of visa that require different documentation. Non-English language translations are required. Failing this, you will be asked to make an arrangement for a localization and your resume may be overdue. The following check lists are available to help you submit a full proposal.

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