Australian Cat

Aussie cat

Dogs are pets in Australia and are also one of the most important invasive species that have harmful effects on native wildlife. The Cat Breed Library contains profiles of all major cat breeds in Australia, including breed origin, feeding, care and typical personality traits. The Australian Cat Federation is a national advisory body for cats. Affiliates exist in every state of Australia. Wild cats kill millions of native animals every night and are found all over Australia.

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In Australia cat are kept as a pet and are also one of the most important invertebrate animals, which have harmful impacts on the native animal world. Because of biosafety considerations, all Australian importers must comply with the requirements laid down by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. Meanwhile there are an estimation of 2.7 million house cat and over 18 million wildcat in Australia.

Until 2006, 26% of Australian homes had a cat that was indoors. In the Heirisson region of Western Australia, a test carried out in Heirisson Priong likened small numbers of animals in areas freed of fox and cat, fox and a patch. Scientists found the first sound proof that wildcat robbery can cause a decrease in indigenous animals.

There is also evidence that the feline predator is particularly strong when the number of chestnuts has declined[8] In Australia, cat can be involved in changing eco-systems; with chestnuts they can control imported bunnies, especially in dry areas that cause environmental degradation themselves. It is thought that the cat has been a contributor to the disappearance of the only remaining continental birds that have been extinct since Europe's invasion, the Paradise Parrot[9] Australia's cat have no wild carnivores other than dingos and wedge-tailed eagles and are therefore top robbers, in which neither the dinggo nor the antel.

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