Aurora Guest House Mawlamyine

The Aurora Guest House Mawlamyine

Except WiFi is necessary, it is still a better choice than Breeze or Aurora. With a garden and free WiFi, the Breeze Guest House is located in Mawlamyine. The Royal Guest House is in Myanmar, Mon, Mawlamyine. The Aurora Guest House (Moe Thauk Pann). Edit several reports of food poisoning on the trip consultant;

Shwe Nanda, Lower Main Road (north of Aurora Guesthouse, towards market).

The Aurora Guest House

The Aurora Guest House is situated on Lower Main Road, about five minutes walking distance from Zeigyi, the main square in Mawlmayine, and around the edge from the estuary of the Thanlwin rivier. It has 6 well-equipped rooms for international travelers with TV, refrigerator-garden, AC and warm and cold shower, which sometimes work.

While the TV in the room can watch TV locally, if you want to watch TV via sat, this is connected to the shared TV in the lobby, so your selection of programmes is restricted to what others see. While you can watch a particular TV station from your room, e.g. BBC, CNN or Channeled News Asia etc., it depends on the administrator and whether other visitors have made their own RFQ.

Like most Myanmar guesthouses of this magnitude, there is community television on the ground level, where you can chat with the managers and other travelers, both foreigners and natives. At the guesthouse there is a generating set in case of a blackout, which appears every day, but is used economically and mostly only at nights or in the early mornings.

The natives know this guest house by the name of Myanmar, Moe Thout Phan, so if you want to arrive by car or cab, you have to call it by that name, which can be a little difficult to use.

The Aurora Guest House Reviews, 277 Lower Main Rd, Mawlamyine

The Aurora is situated in a three-storey, light emerald coloured house on the groundfloor. We estimate that it is a 1950s house that has been carefully renovated. The rooms are plain and without decorations, but neat and convenient and are offered in air-cooled or air-cooled versions. There is a bit of darkness inside the old house, which has not been beautifully renovated like the outdoors. But the price for both rooms is very competitive.

The rooms are air-conditioned and have communal baths. You have WiFi and bikes for your visitors. The entry is via a stairway to the right of the house. Sun christmas gift bath, low season: US$7, high rate US$7. Notes: The Dbl fanshare bath room, low season:

US$12, high rate US$12. Notes: Ice-conditioned, low seasons: US$15, high rate US$15. Notes: New Dbl en-suite A/C, low season: US$20, high rate US$20.

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