Aureum Palace Hotel Bagan

The Aureum Palace Hotel Bagan

ShurlockHomes, we are grateful that you have taken the time to rate your stay at Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort, Bagan! If you visit Bagan, you will feel at home at the Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort, which offers quality accommodation and excellent service. The Aureum Palace Hotel &

Resort Bagan in Nyaung-U, Myanmar:

The Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort Bagan in Nyaung-U

Renovation en cours. This resort strives to minimize disruption of any kind during the renovation work. It is one of my best hotel adventures, especially the panoramic views of the swimming pools by moonlight and moonlight as well as the panoramic views of the whole town at dawn or sundown.

It was breathtaking, the inflinity swimming pools were unbelievable, the rooms were a little old but big. Nice personnel, lunch and swimming pools.

Castle Aureum Resort

Aureum Palace is a luxurious hotel in Bagan, Burma, unique within the Bagan Archaeological Preservation Zone, offering some of the best sights of any hotel in the region. Aureum Palace Hotel covers an area of 27 hectares and has a combined area of 114 rooms and mansions.

You will be immediately impressed by the view of the Bagan Temple, Stupa and Pagoda from the mall. It is quite scattered, so it's a good idea to think about it if you like your private sphere or vice versa if you don't want to go too far to your mansion. In all honesty it is slightly bigger than most of Bagan's resorts, and therefore the standard of services slips from one day to the next when the hotel is full.

They have a few places to eat and a few pubs, and as expected, they have maximized the view of the Pagoda. It has two pubs that you can visit after the sights of Bagan. For a glimpse of the temple, choose a mansion that is definitely upgradable.

Lotus Villas are beautiful and directly on the lakeside with a view of the temple behind. Beyond are the Jasmine Villas, which also offer a great view, and behind them the Orchid Villas, which we found to be a little overcast. Deluxe rooms are situated in a single building near the entrance hall and all rooms look inwards towards a large indoor pools.

The Jasmine Villa is situated near the lakeside and has a small lounge area and its own patio. Orchid mansions are recessed from the sea, but are similar in stature to the Jasmine mansions with a better view. Lotus mansions have large spaces with a villa-like look, making the rooms a little bit obscure in many ways.

Aureum Bagan has a six-room spas, a large observation deck, two dining rooms, and two pubs. Aureum Palace Bagan is situated in the centre of the Bagan Archeological Masterland near the Bagan Nyang Oo Golf Club. You can reach Bagan by plane from Yangon, Ngapali or Mandalay.

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