Aunglan Sayadaw

Sayadaw Aunglan

Articles about Sayadaw U Sandimar(Aung Lan). Sayadaw is a Burmese Buddhist title that refers to the elder monk or abbot of a monastery. Subtitles: Pathein Sayadaw Aunglan Sayadaw Sayadaw U Tejaniya

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Saidadaw Sandima will be with us on 15 (Wed) and 16 (Thu) from 19.00 - 21.00 o'clock. Sayadaw's short description is as follows: Sayadaw Ashin Sandima was borne in 1951. Completing his studies in mathematics, he cared for his family until the youngest of 23 when he chose to join the monastic community under Sayadaw U Thudama, one of Theingu Sayadaw's students.

Sayadaw established Theingu's thirty-twoth ieth department at the tender of 60 in 2000 in Aunglan, Magway Department. In 2003 Sayadaw opened the first Theingu Vipassan? Western Bago Center for Middle Eastern Medicine. In 2005 he began to teach Vipassan? Yangon after founding Theingu Vipassan? Center in Mingalardone Township.

The Daykasi Monastery in West Tagondine Village was sponsored in 2006 to Sayadaw, where another Theingu 32nd Division Center for Middle Eastern Medicine was established. Sayadawa annually holds a retreat of mediation at Mingalar Rama Pali University, Yangon and the South Salin Monastery, Mandalay. sayadaw has carried out more than 1000 spiritual exercises throughout myanmar, in additon to the thamma conversations oversee.

Thai Inn Gu Sayadaw and Meditation Monastery

The first deep reawakening of U Aung Tun happened while he read the bio of Sun Lun Sayadaw. Here he meditated every morning from 4:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. in a seated manner on the website www., without altering his attitude, unless he had to face the call of man. During this period he evolved deeply, and this resolve and endurance would shape his teachings of the years to come.

After this time he resumed his practise and in later month moved to his nephew's house, where he is said to have reached the third state of illumination. "Later, he chose to go to Twante to go alone in a wood to be meditated on, and took an invitation to have dinner at U Su Ya's house in Hmawbi, and here he is said to have been completely released almost 21 month after the beginning of his passionate work.

Saidadaw U Okkatta, as he was now called, came to settle here, and soon thousand of Myanmar followers came to show their respect and from him. Sayadaw also began to tour and give Dhamma lectures, where the audience counted up to 3,000 people. Thai Inn Gu Sayadaw was particularly inspired by Buddha's vows at the moment of his illumination, Ayoo Kay ky Kay Kh Kay Kh Khay, Ayoo Khahn Khay Lu Khay Ma Tay My Jin Tai yar Ya, or "I will try to dry[either until my] bone is dry[or until] the case is fulfilled", and he also admonished his friars to work until they are enlightened or until their bone has broken apart.

This meant in his teaching that he encouraged longer seated times without a change of postures, beginning with a minimal of two hrs and from there. Sayadaw died on July 8, 1973 at the tender ages of 60, after which the corpse was kept for three years.

They say that although the corpse was not incalcified, it did not become lazy during this period, but "dried up", leaving behind seven relicts, two from the eye, four from the bone and one toothache. They are exhibited every year in April and are supposed to give off lights from the cloakroom.

The Thae Inn Gu Sayadaw has inspired many of today's great monks, among them the Thabarwa Sayadaw in Than Lyin.

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