Myayde Township is a community of the Thayet District in the Magway region of Burma (Myanmar). His administrative centre is Aunglan. The Aunglan ("Township", Myanmar) with population statistics, maps, map and location. Aunglan ("Google Maps Myayde") list of places, welcome to the place where Google Maps sightseeing makes sense! Township Aunglan Township ist ein Township des Thayet District in der Magway Region Burma.

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Myayde is a municipality of the Thayet District in the Magway region of Burma (Myanmar). He is headquartered in Aunglan. This is the south-easternmost municipality in the Magway region. The Sinbaungwe Islands and the Yedashe Islands are in the northern part of the Sinbaungwe Islands; the Yedashe Islands in the eastern part; the Kamma Islands and the Thayet Islands in the western part: This Magway Division Locations item is a stall.

2.1.12 Myanmar, Magway Port of Aunglan area - Logistics capacity assessment

Aunglan Harbour is made up of a pebble platform for boats in the center of Aunglan and a nearby dock. There are no moorings at either location, ships dock on the riverbank and use footbridges for uploading and downloading. The majority of freight activities take place on the Dyet riverbank, which can only be accessed by boat from Aunglan.

The Ayeryawaddy is not a viaduct near Aunglan, but it can be built in 2017. DWRIRS is in charge of the day-to-day running of the ports of Aunglan and Thayet and the multi-storey site (see Aunglan, Storage) has an autonomous freighter steps platform about 1.8 km south of the dock.

Management company or port authority: Water Resources and Improvement of the Rivers System Directorate (DWRIRS), under the authority of the Ministry of Communications and Transports. Found in Thayet. There is a boat that runs twice a daily from Aunglan to Thayet (6:30 am, 4:00 pm) to carry cars across the canal. The shipowners are headquartered in Thayet.

Information about ports is not available. Removal Aunglan-Pyay: The Directorate for Water Resources and Improvement of the Inland Waterways (DWRIRS), which reports to the Ministry of Transport and Communications, collects a flat-rate charge for the use of the canal. As of June 2016, the tariff of PWRIRS is 0.20 Kyat/MT capacity/mile per journey. It is calculated at the Twantay, Nyaungdong, Pey, Magway, Mandalay and Kathar rivers.

There''s no harbour transhipment devices, just manually.

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