Aung Thu Lwin

And Aung Thu Lwin

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Burma player reviews: Mg and Aung Thu Lwin are shining in the loss

The 22-year-old did not prove to be an eventful period, apart from the fact that he inadvertently ratted his team-mates. He provided good power on the right side and kept pushing himself out of the defense, although he could not find his assailants with his supplies. He had to bail out a few shots and got hit at the opening gate in Vietnam - on that occassion he would have had to hit Nguyen Van Quyet closer.

Ko Thein, on the other hand, was a little safer at the core of the defense, showed a better readability of the match and produced some important interruptions to eliminate the threat. It was a hard night with many attacking games on his side, but he still succeeded in making some good forwards he was. It' s an ideal chance to get a goal in the second half when he had to work hard for the first one.

He didn't have the best first 45 mins, but he had a good recovery after the interval and was the centrepiece of everything good afterwards. Safeguarded the property and made some bold passports. Granted possessions that also lead to Vietnam's opening. Justly towed at halftime.

It began promisingly with a few good races on the right, but was not efficient enough and was not able to keep up the tempo. SUBDBED OFF to 36 mins. He ran down the leftside canal, scoring the equaliser with a great turn and shoot. Displayed a great deal of heartfelt persecution, but was not efficient enough.

Phonebook on 66 min. Has made many good walks on the right and has been traced on many opportunities to help the defense. In the second half came to Ko Oo and did some good attack heats. Playing the caliper card for Aung Thu to scoreceive her only goall.

Naing Soe came into the game in the last 24 goals and had no significant influence.

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