Aung Thamadi

Åung Thamadi

Aung Thamadi Gold Shop, who is now famous for it, made the golden scarf. Breathtaking testimony from the past Once almost forgot, the cloth is now a coveted item in Myanmar's closets - if you can buy it. Once upon a time there was a secret, for it was what the kings of the past were wearing - a cloth of amber. Aung Thamadi' s replica of the cloth, or scarves, is now renowned for it.

This cloth is one of the most beloved articles among golfers. As Aung Thamadi's Phyu Phyu Aung said, they only thought about creating one when a client wanted to take one to a fundraiser. "We' ve been told that in earlier times goldschals were used by[women], but no one made them anymore," said Phyu Phyu Aung.

"The hope of succeeding was almost zero," said Phyu Phyu Aung, and added that Aung Thamadi still thought that if the venture was to succeed, purchasers would "appreciate the creative skills that turned the metal into a fabric-like product that could be worn". Aung Thamadi already had a good track record for innovative craftsmanship and satisfied clients.

"Goldschal was created with the client's contentment in view. It has always been more fascinating to the public when it was promoted and the name Aung Thamadi was associated with the golden scarf. This was so successfull that they began to trade bars of money for scarves," said Phyu Phyu Aung. Approximately 80 tables (1306 grams) of the first cloth needed to be made of 1306 gn, but now clients can have it made from 25 tables (408g), as several different styles are available.

"Today, golden scarves are manufactured in singular design according to fashion. Now we have shoulder-length golden scarves, longer ones hanging from both sides of the neck, or triangle ones that we have created to meet our customers' needs. A good point of the golden scarf is that its entire bulk does not lie on one place on the other.

It' wearable and can be folded," said Phyu Phyu Aung. Even more interesting for potential purchasers is that the hand-made cloths do not diminish in value over the years. It would take 25-30 tables (408-490g) golden, a longer 35-50 tical (572-816g) and a triangle 30-40 tical (490-653g) to make a shoulder-length neck.

Females buy scarves mostly for fund-raising events and also for marriages, but not from the chicks. Today they have a wider selection, because Aung Thamadi now also has scarves in whitegold in Italy design, which cost between K30 and K40 million.

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