Aung San Suu Kyi President Myanmar

Mr Aung San Suu Kyi President Myanmar

Picture: Htin Kyaw was elected president by Aung San Suu Kyi. EU-Myanmar dialogue takes place in the framework of the ASEM process and the EU-ASEAN meetings. Mr Aung San Suu Kyi, President of the National League for Democracy in Myanmar. Burma swears by Suu Kyi as its new president. The Burmese Rohingya Muslims' plight has not been mentioned by Aung San Suu Kyi.

MYANMAR' s parliamentary assembly elects Suu Kyi as new president

Myint, who stepped down a weekend ago, was elected by both houses of parliaments, where Suu Kyi's governing National League for Democracy (NLD) is comfortably supported. Retiring President Htin Kyaw, who was also closely associated with Suu Kyi, withdrew into retirement "to recover from his present obligations and responsibilities", amid apparent losing some of his body mass and speculating about his wellbeing.

Choosing 66-year-old Win Myint, who is a life-long member of the NLD, is probably a sequel to Suu Kyi's domination over the government and little in the way her almost two-year-old government, legislators and political analyst are changing. Myint won the vote with 403 of 636 ballots voted by the legislature.

Spokesman of the Bundestag did not say when Win Myint will be inaugurated, although the ceremonies are scheduled to take place on Thursday. Politics will be continued as before under the former president," said Kyaw Tote, a legislator of the NLD. He is the President of Myanmar and has extensive constitutional authority.

Htin Kyaw's part was more solemn, however, as Suu Kyi has been Myanmar's de facto head since April 2016. Policymakers and financial experts are expecting this regulation to be continued under Win Myint. Formerly prepared by the former regime, a bill bans Nobel Peace Prize winner Suu Kyi from top positions, and she chose Htin Kyaw, a strong coalition partner, to become president after a landmark electoral coup in 2015.

It also allocates a fourth of the Armed Forces' parliamentary seat and several important positions in the House, among them defense, home affairs and frontier issues, giving the Armed Forces an efficient voice against changes to the constitution and the monitoring of matters of security. He is a member of a very select group of Suu Kyi's counsel.

It is this allegiance and confidence that has led them to win him over as a substitute for Htin Kyaw. A member of the few tens of NLD members, Suu Kyi was one of them chosen in by-elections to the NLD in 2012, when the government began a tragic 50 years of war. "He is good at lawmaking and administrative matters, and I suppose that's a good thing," said Nwe Nwe Nwe Nwe Aung, NLD MP.

Prior to his April 2016 lineage, Win Myint divided a strict one-room room with his spouse in a legislative building in Myanmar's earmarked Naypyitaw, the NLD's capitol, which lived alongside other NLD leaders.

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