Aung Mingalar Bus Station Yangon

Yangon Aung Mingalar Bus Station

Express/Elite Bus Gate at Aung Mingalar Bus Station is in Myanmar, Yangon. Motorway bus station (Aung Mingalar) to international terminal early in the morning - Yangon (Rangoon) bulletin board I' m in Bagan and will take the JJ Express back to Yagnon's Hwy Bus Station in two workdays. Bus arriving at 6:30; I have to be at the terminal for an intercontinental 12:35. Isn' t the aiport near the bus station and the transport wouldn't be so early in the mornings?

How do I find the cabs and how can I keep them cheap? Hwy bus station (Aung Mingalar) to the airfield early in the morning. There is an administration area. If you go, ask her to rent a cab for you. You' ll get the normal fare and don't have to argue with the cabbie.

Highways bus station (Aung Mingalar) to the airfield early in the morning. Thanks for that. It'?s only 3 km away and half an hours by cab. Hwy bus station (Aung Mingalar) to the international airports early in the morning, bus station is behind 9km from the entry of the international airports, if your luggage is easily carried, go to the road and take a cab to the airports 4 or 5 thousand MM.

Hwy Bus Station (Aung Mingalar) to the airfield early in the morning, it is not so far to the bus station Aung Mingalar. I' ll give you 8000 between the bus station and the city. Early morning Highway Bus Station (Aung Mingalar) to the aiport. this subject was inactived.

Yangon.... eating, sleeping and moving.

This is a brief tutorial to help those who are coming to Yangon for the first while. Well located in the center of Yangon, between the Sule Pagoda and the Chinatown area...... so much gas... so much gas. The whole of Yangon city centre can be reached on feet.... maybe it's too big an area to do it in one go, but in three working nights you can see a great deal, and even have a quick snooze during the hottest part of the year.

It' a good idea to get up early to see the early atmosphere of the town, which begins very early with markets and eating stands, just like the sundown. Stroll along the street pattern at random and indulge in the Friday hustle and bustle in the Moslem quarter, the monk groups line up in the heights and beg for charity, drinking a cool highland wine in the Hindu part of the town or enjoying a cup of freshly brewed milky teas in one of the traditional teashops in China.

For the Shwedagon Pagoda you can take the bus at the Sule Pagoda Busstand (Sule Pagoda Road). There' s something to eat at every turn of Yangon city centre: fruit, fried treats, candy and pudding, sticky paddy, pasta soup, popsicles, parathas, pasta salad, juice, rice and pasta.... it looks like you'll find something new to try every single one!

However, it all comes down to the hour... so don't wait to find Paradha after 9am or Mahinga after 5pm.... just go randomly and take what looks more appealing without considering hygienic requirements. Select a place along the road and savour your meal or your cup of coffee, accompanied by a warm smile, and make the most of the contacts with the locals!

They' ll be glad to have you with them and that you appreciate the taste of it. Igyin New South Indian Meal Center is a good choice. Shaan Food: Doughnut noodles, which are also served with typical burmesian dishes such as tealeafs. Slightly touristy and bustling, but with good meals.

Beach Road grocery market: To have dinner, the place with the most possibilities is the road fair along the Strand Road.... it begins more or less near the road 30 and lasts more than ten blocs.... I could never run to the last stand. It is open daily from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. and there is every kind of burmesian cuisine, from grilled seafood to warm soup, from fried pasta to pasta soup, from smoothhies to pasta, from sugary, glutinous rices to tasty ricepancakes!

The bus station is 20km northern of the town centre, on the right side of the NÂș 3 Main Road, the motorway that links Yangon with Mandalay. Please note: Most busses leave from Aung Mingalar Bus Station, but if your target is the Westlands, such as Ngwe Saung or Ngapali, your bus will probably leave from Dagon Ayeyar Highways.

The Dagon Ayeyar Highway bus station is about 22 km from Yangon town centre, on the side of the Yangon-Pathein Highway (west of Yangon, after the Yangon River crossing). From Yangon to Dagon Ayeyar bus station, a cab will cost about 8,000 Kyat. Near the Sule Pagode, on the intersection of Sule Pagoda Road and Maha Bandoola Road (northeast edge of the square) you will find a group of mini-vans that function as a shuttles between the airport and the town.

Aung Mahar Cab" and the journey costs 1,000 Kyat. It can take almost an hours drive due to the congestion in Yangon. I took a cab: Cabbie will ask you for 10,000 kyat, but you can get it for seven.

You may have to buy eight in the evenings or very early in the mornings. There is a vast Aung Mingalar Highway bus station and the way it is organised has nothing to do with what we used to call a terminals. Ask your cabby to stop at the bus stop from where you have your bustickets.

You' ll have to add 200 kyats to the cab in the station. There are dozens of merchants at the entry to the terminals asking you where you are going to try to urge you to a particular one. Right at the bus operator at the terminals..... if you have enough power and spare minutes.

However, if you would like to consider other options in relation to cost and timetables, you can contact the small office of the ticketing office in front of the station. You will find yourself on a broad area with the station on your lefthand side and the office on your right.

There are also some shuttle buses to the Aung Mingalar bus station, which can be organised by the same firm where you buy your tickets. There is a bus (city bus) that will take you near the nearest airports and the bus stop at Sule Pagoda Road (in front of the Sule Shangri-La Hotel).

Every bus stop at the Aiport; the near bus stop (Sal Mile Kone on Pyay Road) is about 2 km walk away. I took a cab: When you ask at your hotels, you can take a cab to the 8. On the road the cabbie starts at 10 o'clock. Remember that if you need a cab very early in the day (live 5am or so), you may have to spend a little more because you won't find many cabs on the street at that aprox.

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