Aung Mingalar Bus Station to Airport

From the Aung Mingalar bus station to the airport

There is a bus station near the airport, but far from the city centre. Canangon: Yangon: With the overnight bus from the bus station Aung Mingalar Highway via a retailer (there are sellers throughout Yangon) one full working days in advanced, but for travelers to Myanmar in high season, you can order your travel passes even later. Bus station: The bus should depart from Aung Mingalar Highway Bus Station at 18:00, about 20 km northern of Yangon downtown and about 7 km from Yangon International Airport.

Since the journey times depend very much on road conditions, we have chosen to leave a little early to prevent any risk. The bus station is used by bus operators travelling from Yangon to northern and eastern Myanmar, which includes the main touristic areas of Mandalay, Inle and Bagan.

At Yangon's central bus station, the whole area was full of buses and locals, perhaps on their way home to their remote towns. So when we got there, we tried to find a place that offered Wi-Fi so that we could verify some information about our coming goals, but to our frustration we couldn't find any place nearby that offered Wi-Fi at all.

We' ve been walking around for a while, but there wasn't much to do either. There was no chance to take a chance with the road meal, and since we couldn't find any enticing places to eat in the area, we went to the only grocery shop we could find in the area and bought pasta and fruits from a nearby supplier we could use.

A few hrs later in Aung Mingalar it was at last our turn to leave. JJ Express was the only bus service we could see in the area that had a real wait room for the passengers, and after relaxing in the lounges for about half an hr, it was ready for check-in.

JJ Express bus had 3 seat s/row, and luckily the seat was quite roomy and comfortably, with the option of putting the seat back. In addition, all of them had a private TV where you could see a good selection of West movie (we were told later that this was not the case for their night bus from Inle to Bagan, so this could only apply to buses to and from Yangon).

After a stop in a small restaurant where we had a nice evening meal a few hour after our leaving, we were able to stay until our first day in Kalaw. Bus personnel asked us in anticipation of our goal and politely woken us when we reached Kalaw.

It is important to note that the amount of travel planned to reach your goal will most likely differ from your real estimated travel itinerary. They said we would be in Kalaw around 6am, but instead our bus landed in Kalaw around 4:30am. There were some people at the bus stop asking if we needed a place to stay, but in the end we went to the only café, pub or restataurant in the city where we spent the night.

The JJ Express was a great way to get to Kalaw quickly and safely. When travelling with JJ Express, I suggest that you bring some warm clothing for the trip and be advised that the times of your flight may differ from what you have been given in your letter.

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