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Accords for Taung Pan Tal(Aung La). AUNG-LA: YOU CAN GOVERN MY SOUL. Aung La and Yuko Maskay meet to talk about skirt, romanticism and above all originality. His singing and lyric skills attract an audience that wants to take a look at this gifted and courageous singer. This year Aung La, now 29, was contacted by a Korean group looking for a singer.

Aung La was borne and brought up in Yangon and is the leading singer of Myanmar based Myanmar based Rockband Aung La, who was founded 7 years ago. Known above all for his melodious skirt, but this year they have launched a more propelling, rhythmical sounds. In 2003 he started his career professionally with his first group, NC-13, which disbanded due to differences of opinion about the later years.

Says the group didn't want to go into the majorstream, but he wanted to get a bigger audience. Personally Aung La is calm and reserved and comes along as an introverted human being. "I' m still getting nightmare, but once I've sung, I forgot everything," he says. Maybe that's to be anticipated, because there' s always a lot of background noise.

As an only pupil he found comfort in it. "My lifeblood is full of it.

But, like most musical career, it wasn't simple. It was and still is tough to make it in an economy that favors profits over truth. As Aung La says, he was lucky to meet his woman, Moe Nge, on Friendster, a now non-existent Australian youth network site, six years ago when she was in Australia.

"I wouldn't be anywhere without her," says Aung La. His songs are a reflection of that. Moe Nge is one of his most beloved songs, My Home Paradise. And then there is Taungbantal (Begging You), his most beloved track to date, who was number one on several television shows for a year in 2012, about a fellow who begs for pardon because he cheated on his friend.

The young, enchanting Rockstar is not scared to say that the track is devoted to his woman, although he repeats that he did not really outwit her. "In 2012 REAON received three musical prizes for this track - Most Popular Male Singer, Most Famous Band and Most Progressive Online Song-.

There is also his other inspirational piece, the USrockband Incubus, which, he says, has a" shared base" with him. "Aung La said he was too young, his face looked melancholic. Says that most of the moneys he earns with the group go into his father's custody. In Myanmar, where the spread of intellectual property infringements and pirating is so widespread, it is very hard for music lovers to make a profit.

As Aung La says, many groups make a profit here during the shows by singin' some of the best songs in Myanmar and sometimes even changing the line. "It' s already quite a favorite in the whole wide globe, so of course it will be a favorite in Myanmar," he says, and adds that he realizes that he can't really ask much from his own musical style, but he does it because he really Ioves it.

Hopefully that will be changed, but he doesn't see it soon, as it even allows the Myanmar music Association, the only nationwide musical group. That means Reason has a faithful fan base of supporters who appreciate that they are not sold out. As Aung La knows that if he sang coversongs from abroad, he could earn more cash and perhaps become commercial, but he will not.

And he also makes sure that he never does not perform without all his members, even if this is a matter of course. "Many promoters want you to do without your real live group. Aung La says, "They don't want to pay a fortune for the whole group, so they only select certain members of the group to perform copyright-protected songs.

This is one of the main causes why the very beloved S. I. R. or Skull was formed in Ribcage. Comprising four unrelatedrock groups - REAON, BIG BOY, IDIOTS and WANED - they help each other in their music efforts and ensure that they maintain their dignity. Known among Myanmar's young people for their heavy metals rocking styles, many people can be found with the tattoos "S. I.R. Rebirth", which symbolises their attachment to the group.

At the beginning Aung La was not matrimonial and collected more feminine supporters who liked his smooth rocking styles, but now he ventures into it. "At the beginning, many of my folks didn't want their kids to hear big bass, so I also used to play smoother tunes for my people.

He sees globalisation as a good step for Myanmar and its musical industries. It was also worth it because it was for a good cause - a benefit show for the Myanmarphanage. It is his hope that his group will gain more widespread acceptance and appeal to both Myanmar and overseas audiences. Therefore, he is looking forward to the future.

"Nobody has ever made a music film in Myanmar. I' m going to do it because it's different," says Aung La, who appeared in two Myanmar films, Baung (Frame) in 2012, where he will be the protagonist, and Achit Ye Ta Goe Myar Power of Love in 2013, where he will play the bad guy, although he says he's not so interested in theater.

That multi-talented rocker doesn't seem to be getting any slower.

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