Aung la Nsang Fight 2016

Fight Aung la Nsang 2016

to Aung La Nsang: Gaining gives you self-confidence, but loosing gives you character". Myanmar's MMA heroe has a silver medal in what may be his last opportunity to become midweight champions after defeating Vitaly Bigdash in January. Aung La Nsang's newest mark on his face extends from one side of his lefthand eyeball to the other, a bright rose shade over his cheeks.

Whenever the 32-year-old mix edmarital art warrior looks in the face, the scars remind us of the last one when he entered a metallic box with Vitaly Bigdash, the unbeaten ONE Championship midweight champ. As Aung La Nsang loses this fight, his first professional degree, but on June 30 he has a chance of salvation.

When her first competition is a clue, Aung La Nsang has a high barrier for "evil. In Jakarta on January 15th, the two contenders seemed to be relatively balanced in two heats. However, the flood turned early in the third, when Bigdash got a big lefthand thrill to Aung La Nsang's kill.

Re-observing the fight, it's difficult not to flinch while the Kachin combatant is staggering, numbed, and then Bigdash plunges and throws 12 straightaway blows at his face that is lying out. Later, in the round, the master of Russia stuck him to the floor, slapped three of Aung La Nsang's right cheeks and split the hide with 11 tricks.

Overbleeding will force the ref to stop the fight so that Aung La Nsang can remove the bleed from his eye and carry on. In a regular ONE game, the game would have ended after the third round with Bigdash, the clear winner. However, the championships last five laps; Aung La Nsang still had 10 extra seconds to recover or conquer his wounds.

Apart from a few sound strikes, he spends the remainder of the fight on his back. Appropriately called the Burmese Python, as Aung La Nsang is called, kept turning from the clinic of the more powerful Bigdash, absorbed shocks, but refused to subdue. Aung La Nsang had already abandoned the ring when the ref said the champion.

But it was still the first Bigdash encountered an enemy who made it to the end of a fight. Afterwards Aung La Nsang recounted to me that he was under-prepared for the fight, but had leapt to a "shot for the middle weight gold". And Aung La Nsang has only practiced for 10 nights.

In spite of the bereavement - and the corporal penalties - Aung La Nsang said he was happy to have taken the first chance in Bigdash. Aung La Nsang now has a second chance to become Myanmar's first MMA contender to gain a large transport mass category with a 19-hit and 10-hit all-time high.

Loren Mack, ONE PR VP, said this could be Aung La Nsang's best shot at winning a job. Frontier even Bigdash said he expected a harder fight this year. Though he is the outsider, Aung La Nsang has a lot at risk. If he can't become the first man to defeat Bigdash on June 30, it could take years - it took four years and four wins in a row for the organisers to offer him his first league-decider.

And Aung La Nsang is 32 years old. Time' s getting short. Before his face was used for decorating Myanmar's TV advertising and power drinks packages, Aung La Nsang was just another blended fighter who fought in one of several US MMA region. Many Myanmar residents first learned of him in 2012, when the then 27-year-old won a fight in the first round with a knock-out.

On YouTube, the celebrant Aung La Nsang shows a Kachin banner for the camera in videos that quickly became virtual and reached half a million YouTubes. After five years, there is still a great deal "going on" out here, especially in Aung La Nsang's home state of Kachin. The Kachin Independence Army has been colliding on a regular basis with federal forces since 2011, when a 17-year cease-fire collapsed, and has forced around 87,000 civilian populations into shelters.

Recently, battles have broken out over the Tanai community's goldmines and silver mining sites just south of Myitkyina, the city. As a young child Aung La Nsang abandoned Myitkyina to visit the International School of Yangon. Aside from the casual derhard MMA fans or Myanmar citizens, few humans recognize him on the streets, he said.

However, all this anonymousness is disappearing in Myanmar, where he won two ONE Championship battles and sponsored a lantern of regional brand names. Glory is a peculiar paradox: a man with tattoos on his back symbolizing the Kachin people's liberty is often asked for self-defense and charged with abusing a civilian population by the KIA and the same warriors.

Following his last win over Michal Pasternak in October 2016, Aung La Nsang used his rig to tackle the war. He will win his first championship on June 30th in front of thousands of Myanmar cries. For five years, Hkawng Dau worked as an educational representative at Mai Na, a Myitkyina refugee group.

It reminds him of the first moment he saw Aung La Nsang's footage: the 2012 movie, the first round knocked out, the Kachin-Flagge. It also reminds of how the campaigner pledged to use 25 per cent of his profits to help internally displaced people. Aung La Nsang, a well-known name in his home land, took advantage of his newly won glory to hold a fundraising event in March to collect funds for the camp.

Having sold old mittens, commemorative awards, signed T-shirts and even a personal supper, he came back to Myitkyina for the first in 14 years to help displaced people in May Na for $6,000. At first he acknowledged that the onslaught of the Kachin enthusiasts was overwhelming. Aung La Nsang, who first encountered Hkawng Dau during the meeting, said he was thankful for both help and outreach.

But they also appreciate the fact that he himself is Kachin, a unique regional global symbol that few outside observers can put on a card. When Aung La Nsang returned to his parents' house, he said that it felt like he had been away for a life.

Not a kid anymore, he is now many other things: a dad who brings his little boy once a month to a Kachin Baptist Church in Maryland to Sunday classes with other Kachin-speakers; a squad warrior who goes into the ring for up to 25 min. with a man who wants to destroy him; a real fame in the land he has abandoned and poses mercifully with smiling immigrant officials at Yangon airport.

Has the Myitkyina based grocer recognized him as Burma's Python - Myanmar's super star?

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