Aung la Nsang

And Aung la Nsang

He is barely three steps away from everyone in the room talking about him and gawking over his shoulder. An Aung La N Sang hits KO against Ken Hasegawa and defends ONE midweight championship. It took Aung La N Sang a Herculean endeavor to maintain his position as ONE two-division master on Friday evening - and a Herculean endeavor is exactly what he has accomplished. "The Burmese Python" halted Japan's Ken Hasegawa in the fifth round with a disastrous attack to maintain his mid-weight crown and come out of a gruelling, bloodthirsty gruelling battle in the ONE championship's feat: The Burmese Python:

The Spirit of a Warrior, which took place at the Thuwunna Indoor Stadium in Yangon, Myanmar. Sang ( (23-10), a double defending midweight and lightweightweight champion, prolonged his series of wins to four straights. Leandro Issa (16:6), a Brazil bantama weight, needed only 86 seconds at the end of the day to enter 23-year-old promoted player Novel Alvarez (8:2) with an edge in first-round.

A warrior' s spirit can be observed upstairs. The full results of the meeting can be found below.

An Aung La N Sang Championship

Aung La N Sang, ONE Middleweight & Light Heavyweight World Champion, was a great Yangon native before she moved to the USA in 2003. The Burmese Python" was nicknamed after Aung La N Sang, who made his first appearance in 2005 and soon gained a fame for his excellent subjugation abilities.

In more than a ten-year long carrier, almost every victory of Aung La N Sang has been ended by an interruption, which proves his tremendous talents and workability. Aung La N Sang signed for ONE Championship in 2014 and two years later came back to ONE in Myanmar: But Myanmar's main character would not make story until June 2017.

Beating Vitaly Bigdash, he became the ONE middleweight world champion to unite Myanmar in a ceremony praising the country's most important athletic performance. In 2018, Aung La N Sang redoubled his amount of bullion and once again thrilled his nation by knocking out Alexandre Machado to win the ONE Light Heavyweight World Championship.

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