Aung la new Song 2015

The new song 2015

Edward Folayang against Shinya Aoki - Best Of ONE Championship. and Aung La has added 3 new photos. "Obviously with a new venue, you just don't know," he said. At Aung La N'Sang, June 30, 2017 (ONE: Light of a Nation), July 1, 26, 2015. The MMA Latest had the opportunity to talk to the Burmese Python.

He is `happy' to battle One Championship Champion Aung La Nsang after the dominating victory over Kadestam outfit.

Worterweight champions Ben "Funky" Askren has opened the door to a superb battle with Aung La Nsang after destroying another candidate for the enthron. Sweden's Zebastian Kadestam was just no opponent for Askren in her battle at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Centre, overwhelmed by the opening bells and most likely also by the prospects of one of the most dominant combatants currently in the field of blended warfare.

Winning - the ref stopped the fight four-minute and nine seconds after the second round - brought the 33-year-old American to a 17-0 sports records and followed a similarly devastating performance against up-and-coming Malaysia-based Agilan Thani in May. This fight only went 2:20 in the first round.

Whilst supporters may still be treading water after their nation's first MMA championship in May, One's managers are most likely to defeat Nsang (20-10) against Askren as the game - and Onemotions - are still in development in Myanmar.

Perhaps it would make more sense for Askren to play the man Nsang, who was dropped off as mid-weight champion - the Russians Vitaly Bigdash (9:1), whose defeat was his first. "I don't think it makes much good for me to take Bigdash," Askren said. At the moment the trouble - more for the organization than for the fighters - is that the enemies concentrate on what the former Olympia-Ringer could do to them instead of adhering to their own battle-plans.

A further possibility could be the vet Luis Santos (63-10-1), whose fight against Askren was declaring zero combat in 2015 after he struck the Brazilian with his nib. However, Kadestam angered Santos in May to start his fight for the championship, and Askren asserted that a re-match agreement had been "repeatedly" submitted, but Santos had not agreed to the game.

Nevertheless, Askren said he wanted to battle again this year. Askren's appearance dropped the curtains for the first Shanghai show and once again reflected the fast-paced expansion of the Chinese game. "But I came out during the pre-fights and the field was almost full, from the second one on.

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