Aung la N Sang 2016

2016 Aung la N Sang

Experience your first encounter for the ONE Middleweight World Championship. The ONE Championship 51 results: Aung La N Sang surpasses Vitaly Bigdash in dominating defence of the championship The ONE Championship 51 started slowly but midweight champ Vitaly Bigdash finished his first defence and stayed unbeaten in his carreer with a dominating win over Aung La N Sang. With a 9-0 Bigdash methodological break in five laps, Sang (19-10) won the Jakarta Convention Center in Jakarta, Indonesia unanimously, thus highlighting his first ever 185-pound defence after he won the G├╝rtel in a "Fight of the Year" with Igor Svirid in October 2016.

However, the deal grew in the third framework when Bigdash found the right time to dump a hard headbutt that immediately injured Sang. Not being able to stop the battle, the harm he was dealt then and there wraps up the victory for him. Following the headbutt, Bigdash smashed Sang from above with big arms, causing several incisions on Sang's face, forcing him to battle through a bloodstream for the rest of the competition.

Bigdash went to the well again in the 4th and 5th round after his great triumph on the floor in the third group. Taking Sang to the floor, he worked in a constant yield of soil and pounds to his mind and bodies to consolidate the war. Reaching the 9th successive win to launch his carreer, Bigdash further established himself as the best 185-pound contender on the list of ONE championships by maintaining his beltwork.

Meanwhile, Sang had his series of four fights for his first failure since October 2013. Nguyen (8-1) spoke out for a match with defending champion Marat Gafurov when he won a roaring TKO of Kazunori Yokota (25-7-3) in the first round. The Nguyen won his forth successive first-round win since his lonely failure against Gafurov in September 2015, when he locked Yokota up in the opening game of an almost perfect game.

Nguyen went down and showed his killing instincts by getting more hits for the stop at 3:36 of the first lap Apparently Saygid Guseyn thought Arslanaliev (4-1) was struggling under the ricin FF flag and not ONE championship. In the first round of his easy fight against Georgi Stoyanov (20-11), a football match classified as illegitimate under the promotion rules set led to his disqualification.

Stoyanov was clearly determined to bring him down and battle Arslanaliev. This was what finally triggered the fighting strike, for when he embraced his opponent's legs to finish a one-legged takedown, Arslanaliev had the chance to toss the thrill.

Arminlanaliev shunned the take-down and got away, but instead of jumping on his adversary or retiring and letting him get up, Arslanaliev came forward and fired a huge football shot that fell right into Stoyanov's face before he could get out of an earthed one. In the opening round of the feather-light fight he got a K.o. in the role of Ace.

Angelen had enough after a short trial to begin the battle and attacked his enemy. Amidst a combo, one of Engelen's right hand ended up flushed and immediately dropped Mansor onto the screen like a fallen boom to stop at the 1:13 level of the first round.

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