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to Aung la N Sang.

He is barely three steps away from everyone in the room talking about him and gawking over his shoulder. An Aung La N Sang won the'biggest game'. Can you tell us about the ONE Championship 75 header between double champions Aung La N Sang and Ken Hasegawa? The two men digged deeply, but it was Sang (23-10) who took out Hasegawa (16-3-1) in the fifth round with an uphook in the Thuwunna Indoor Stadium to end the battle of the year.

This victory kept Sang's middle-weight crown and he also has ONE's world weight belts. It is strongly recommended that you view the above movie to see the full range of highpoints. For a full ONE Championship 75 full one championship results included: def. def. def. def. def. def. def. def. def. for a full cover of ONE Championship 75, visit the MMA Championship section of the website.

Cornelius Ang La N Sang gains thrillers to keep titles

Defending Aung La N Sang's mid-weight lead in the ONE Championship 75 was by no means without mistakes. When Ken Hasegawa (16-3-1) kept one of his two wins in the fifth round, Sang (23-10) said he was not satisfied with his game. While Hasegawa left with a third defeat on his plate, thanks to an evil, unlikely uptick, he certainly won some supporters after taking the fight straight to the heroes.

Hasegawa' early win in turn 1 with his lefthand side when Sang hit a good counterattack, but there was no significant attack until the middle of the round. Singing was headbutting conspicuously and while they didn't seem to be landing with special strength, the swing began to shift over the course of the lap. Sang made the first useful insult in the shape of a mighty palm, but Hasegawa was not shy.

and Hasegawa fell to the ground. While Sang was keen to make money, Hasegawa recuperated in good season to prevent further problems until the doorbell ring. The second round began with heavy shots, but Hasegawa kept himself with direct shots - especially with his right-handed.

Sang stumbled to the floor after a wrong thrill, coupled with a good placement by Hasegawa. The sang seemed to be slowing down as round 2 went on and mostly inefficient kicking landed, as Hasegawa supported him with beats. Finally Hasegawa fired for a take down, but was stopped, and the two went straight back to the trade strike in the middle of the cages.

At the end of the lap, a bloodthirsty, tired-looking Hasegawa took the offensive and struck with stubborn, albeit slutty shots. While Hasegawa backed up most of the time, Sang was throwing sang into his meager number. These two exhausted warriors were soon involved in a kind of slug festival before they briefly went down.

Both of them returned to their legs and ended up with much of what they had thrown, but the strength seemed to be gone. In the middle of the round, the two combatants appeared tired, took blows ruthlessly and gave them away. As Hasegawa ceased guarding when the round ended, he went forward with blows, as Sang usually fended and responded with one-shot or two-point combinations.

Hadegawa fired for a take-down in round 4, but Sang had an easier to fill and get up again. He was shaky when he grabbed his dead face mask, but he kept shooting and ate it with his cloak. On the whole Sang was looking better, but was obviously tired, which led to a brave, albeit slower punch.

While Sang was able to find a sound offensive and seemed to have Hasegawa on the floor under his command, the opponent was able to turn the match around and get it back on its feet. 2. They continued to hit him, but Sang was the only one who seemed to care even a little bit about holding his hand up.

At the end of the 4th round Hasegawa appeared bloodstained, puffy and weary. Soang was able to turn his back on Hasegawa and tried half-heartedly, but Hasegawa unrolled. At the end of the round Hasegawa was thrown to the ground as Sang checked his back. While Sang tried to fire a few kicks to launch an offensive there, he was not able to improve his overall ranking.

Again the two tired men exchanged shoddy blows before Sang Hasegawa could bring down Hasegawa. Almost five whole laps and some serious endurance, but it happened: Eventually he was able to disable a shaky, tripping Hasegawa when he was face-picked onto the mats.

Early on Alvarez tossed energy and only needed a few big hands to let Issa fall to the ground.

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