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June's Aung La N Sang's first defence of the championship Myanmar mid-weight and light-heavyweight champions Aung La N Sang will defend his championship for the first time at Thuwana on 29 June in Yangon. Burmese Python is the medium-weight and light-heavyweight champions of the entire Burmese continent, but the upcoming battle is the first defensive battle for his mid-weight belts. Defending the trophy, called "ONE: The Spirit of a Warrior will see him in operation for the first ever since he won the midweight belts of Vitaly Bigdah, a Russia warrior. In February he also became Lightweight Winner after beating Alexandre Machado by knocking out to take the Lightweight Vacancies WORLDS.

Aung La N Sang's first defending champion will be Myanmar supporters of MMA, but ONE league has not yet announced who will be the opponent against him on June 29.

ONE: Yangon midweight championship defended by Aung La N Sang

May 23, 2018 - Yangon, Myanmar: The SPIRIT OF A WARRIOR will take place on 29 June at the Thuwunna Indoor Stadium in Yangon, Myanmar. Aung La N Sang from Myanmar, the current world champion in mid-weight and light-heavyweight "The Burmese Python", will be defending his mid-weight championship against Ken Hasegawa of Japan.

The 33-year-old Aung La N Sang is Myanmar's most prolific competitor in the world, whose impressing subjugation has given him the name "The Burmese Python". At the ONE Middleweight World Championship, Aung La N Sang won unanimously over Vitaly Bigdash in June 2017. His last fight was against the Brazilian Alexandre Machado and he was the new ONE Light Heavyweight World Champion.

Aung La N Sang will next be defending his mid-weight championship against Ken Hasegawa. 31 year old Ken Hasegawa from Kanagawa, Japan, is a combat sports vet who will make his ONE Championship first. This midweight has killed three of his last five enemies, demonstrating the indisputable subordination abilities and thundering K.O. strength known for his participation in the Japan' Deep and Ricin Fighting Art Series.

Hasegawa will be in the ONE Championship for the first ace with a 16:2:1 pro 4 entries and 6 sparkling knockouts: He' ll be challenging Aung La N Sang for the ONE World Middleweight Championship. To learn more about ONE Championship, please go to, join us on Twitter and Instagram @ONEChampionship, and as we do on Facebook at

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