Aung Hla

And Aung Hla.

Aung Hla Tun, alien press reviewer, named Deputy Minister of Information by Brand The Union Goverment has named the experienced reporter U Aung Hla Tun as Deputy Minister of Information and highlighted a strong critical of overseas newspapers, as the state rejects the Rakhine crisis's rejection at world level last year. Aung Hla Tun, a 20-year-old Reuters and former Chairwoman of the FCCM, issued a declaration on Monday evening.

Born in Rakhine State, he has served as vice-chairman of Myanmar Press Council, a panel he has used in recent month to criticize the report of alien reporters for deliberate opposition to the state. At a Nay Pyi Taw press briefing in August, Aung Hla Tun said: "The greatest responsibilities of the Myanmar press today are the protection of our domestic image", which has been affected by "unethical" accounts from leading global newspapers.

His Win said to Frontier that he did not believe the nomination would lead to a significant shift in the government's response to inquiries from the masses or Myanmar's overall free movement of the written word, which would compare Aung Hla Tun's new positi ón with "old wine" in a new can. Myanmar's free use of the mass media was put to the test following the arrest last year of several high-ranking journalist, two of whom were former employers of Aung Hla Tun.

Reuters are accused last weeks under the Official Secrets Act of having been detained in the investigation of a collective burial in the north Rakhine town of Inn Din. After her detention, a Tatmadaw General Min Aung Hlaing's bureau declaration admitted that some troops were involved in the executions of 10 Rohingya locals in Inn Din, which contradicts an early reporting by the army that its armed services had not violated people' freedoms during the Rakhine State suppression last year.

Many Myanmar reporters attended Facebook to compliment Aung Hla Tun on his nomination after she was heralded, greeted by parts of the community press and greeted with fear by overseas reporters exposed to increasing constraints as a result of the Rakhine war. "Since he left Reuters and assumed his role as vice-chairman of the Myanmar Press Council, he has expressed these prejudices against Muslims in an open manner, while making fierce and unfounded allegations about the impartiality of the world', he said.

Mr Aung Hla Tun said he had no comments on his nomination when he was approached by Frontier on Tuesday. It was not possible to contact MPC Chair U Thiha Saw to make a statement.

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