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Aung Aung' latest tweets (@Aungaungsittwe). Burmese artist Aung Aung Aung Taik is one of the pioneers of modern art in Burma. MSD Aung Aung Aung Kywe Moe from the University of Melbourne, Melbourne with expertise in Allied Health Science, Psychiatry, Addiction Medicine.

Northern Masked Whydah)

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Anung Aung () - Institute for Security and Development Policy

Mr. Aung Aung Aung is a postgraduate of the postgraduate course'Peace, Justice and Development' at the Myanmar Development Resource Institute (MDRI). Mr. Aung graduated in Biology at the University of Distance Education in Yangon, Economics at the Yangon Institute of Economics and Japanese at Nanzan University in Japan. In addition, he has a Master's degree from the KDI School of Public Policy and Management in Seoul, South Korea, and a second Master's degree from Duke University in the USA.

Worked in Myanmar for the Internal Revenue Department, the Myanmar Investment and Commercial Bank, Saving the Children and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Mr. Aung is a regular contributor to Burmese political periodicals and periodicals.

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The intensive examination of the variety of San Francisco's culture in the 1980s resulted in his command of the British tongue and the wish to speak poetic and as a prosa. Aung Aung Aung Taik became an US national in 1994. 2001 he came back to Burma to draw and had his first one-man show there after 30 years in America.

Returns yearly, he has had solo and group exhibitions in Rangoon and Mandalay. Born in 1964 Annual State Art Show, Envoy Hall, Rangoon, Burma. 1968 Annual State Art Show, Jubilee Hall, Rangoon, Burma. Born in 1969 in Rangoon, Burma, USA. 1969 Personal show supported by Mr. and Mrs. Olson of Pan American Airlines.

Fellowship 1969 Show Sponsor: Mr and Mrs H. Sewell, Military Attaché, US Embassy, Rangoon, Burma. 1970-presentation of Burmese paintings, Alliance Francaise Rangoon, Burma. Yearly Art Show, Mandalay Town Hall, Mandalay, Burma. Heller Galleria, San Francisco, California, 1972. The Addison Greene Gallery, New York, New York. The Metz Krasnow Gallery, Scarsdale, New York.

1997 Capricorn Asunder Gallery Group Show, San Francisco, California. MCC, San Francisco, California. In 1987, Myanmar represented at the National Poetry Week Festival, San Francisco, California. A drawing on ceramic tiles exhibited at M. Sanchez Gallery, San Francisco, California. The National Poetry Association, San Francisco, California.

In 1990, Myanmar was represented at the "Poetry of the Pacific Rim" - San Francisco, California. /2007 New Zero Group Exhibition-Beikthanoe Art Gallery, Yangon Myanmar. Burma Now 2008: -San Francisco Furniture Mart. Artworkshop 2008 Group Exhibition-Beikthanoe Art Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar. ASEAN Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition, Yangon, Myanmar. Aung Aung Aung Taik-Gustavo Rivera 2009: Golda Art Space.

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