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Keep up to date with articles, videos, audio and current news. WhoSampled App is now available. This is your daily dose of news. A funnel is the best source for hourly audio news summaries. Fall Kingdom with Alexa Audio Adventure.

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You can also tell Shortpedia of news that is a totally ad-free, easy and summarizes current news from several domestic (India) and internat... Avesummly gives you English Brief News, Hindi Brief News, Tamil Brief News, Tamil Brief News, Telegu Brief News, Kannada Brief News, Gujarati Brief News, Marathi Brief News, Malayalam Brief News, Bengali Brief News and Punjabi Brief News. You can also hear Hindi Audio News and English Audio News while on the road or at work during your busy timetable.

Miss the important news? Avesummly offers the quickest instant messaging experiences to match your bustling, time-critical lives. Avesummly is a news flash (AI) driven app. It' the quickest newsflash app that gives you personalised, well-categorised, up-to-date news, break news and today's news, in brief, your interest in English and Hindi.

Avesummly is a totally ad-free news app, it is easy and quick and extract the latest news items, current news and today's news from various country-specific, domestic and global resources such as The Hindu, Economic Times, Hindustan Times, Business Insider, Navbharat Times etc. and shorten them algorithmic and immediately in a nice map file in personalised and well-categorised newsflash.

The newsflashes only contain news and facts and no opinion, so you'll always be up to date. Avesummly is the quickest news flash app from India. You don't have the opportunity to go through long on-line reports or reading the newspapers or news every day?

Get India's best and quickest news app Awesummly now and get local fast news feeds for day-to-day news up-dates. Enjoy one of the best UI/UX, optimised for providing the latest news in the form of nice maps and it is a totally ad-free news app. Shortnews: Explore all the great news in just one click.

Different News Resources & News Collections : Messages are obtained from various resources and catagories to ensure that you always receive the latest news quickly. Update Instant News : Avesummly offer you the ultimate news consumer enjoyment and all the news is refreshed more quickly than anyone else.

Receive news alerts every few days to keep up to date with the most important news of the year. How and bookmarks: Set a favorite message to be bookmarked for later reading. As the news, you want to be referred. Enable/disable image loading: Now you can disable image load while on a low speed networking link for a fast viewing environment.

Off-line reading: Now you can view all the text messages you were missing when you were online.

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