It has a railway station in the north-eastern part of Atyrau. Discover the holidays of Atyrau and discover the best times and places to visit. The Atyrau is an important railway station and has daily or two-day connections to many Kazakh cities, except to the northwest (including Astana).

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The Atyrau ( Kazakh:. ??????, Atyraý, ??????, spoken[?t??r?w]; Russian:. ??????, pronounced[?t??ra?]), known until 1991 as Guryev (Russian: www., pronounced[??ur?j?f]), is a small town in Kazakhstan and the capitol of the Atyrau region. Situated at the confluence of the Urals and the Caspian Sea, 2,700 kilometers from Almaty and 351 kilometers from the eastern part of the town of Astrakhan.

The modern Atyrau is known for its petroleum and fishing industry. Nizhny Yaitzky glorodok (literally: Lower Yaik Fort) was established in 1645 by the Yaroslav -born merchant Gury Nazarov of Russia, who specialised in the trading of Khiva and Bukhara, at the Yaik river estuary.

After the Yaik Cossacks looted the fortress, the Gurievs rebuilt it in Stein (1647-62). Czar Alexis sent a Streltsy troop to save the fortress from Cossack attacks. In 1810 the castle was torn down and slowly became less and less strategically important. From 1708 to 1992 the town was known as Guriev.

Kazakh name At?raw means "river delta". Kazakhstan's most important port on the Caspian coast is situated in the town of Åtyrau (together with Aktau), which is situated on the Urals. The town of Åtyrau is about 20 meters (66 feet) below Sea-level. As it is separated by the Urals, the town is regarded as situated both in Asia and in Europe.

It is a centre for the oil-rich Caspian Depression, which is why many wells have been bored in the Tengiz and Kashagan Areas. There is an Ölpipeline from Atyrau to Samara, where it is connected to the Russia pipelines system. From the Tengis Bay, a seperate crude gas line leads to the Black Sea harbour of Novorossiisk in Russia.

Northeast Caspian coastline, Alyps included, is still called by local people by the name of Antyrau. "And that is of course, regardless of what the stream is, at the point where it joins the open seas or the oceans, its estuary is branched, and between each twig it seems arid We think that this is the principal cause of the common use of Etyrau together with the "estuary of the river".

The Atyrau is a treatise, a reed shoe in the jaws of the Urals. What? Atyrau' s climatic conditions are semi-arid (Köppen climatic class BSk), only timid to be considered dry (Köppen climatic class BWk), with warm summer and cool winter. It is home to the BC Barsy Atyrau BC baseball club, the country's current champions.

They play their home matches in the sports and leisure area Atyrau. There' s an expatriate college for foreigners: The QSI lnternational Graduate of Atyrau. Atyrau' s a partner: Vikivoyage has a guidebook for Atyrau. Commons Wikimedia has related news about Atyrau.

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