s_span class="mw-headline" id="Historique">Histoire[edit] Area Atyrau ( Kazakh: ?????

?, AtyraĆ½ whetherlysy, ?????? ?????? interview; Russian: One of Kazakhstan's main economic areas, the Atyrauskaya Oblast ), formerly known as (?????????? ???????, Gur'yevskaya Oblast), is located in the western part of the Caspian Sea in the western part of the state. Atyrau is the capitol with 142.500 inhabitants; the area itself has 480.000 inhabitants.

Located in the Turan plains of the Atyrau area, it was the main home of the Huns, the ancient Malkardynasties. Covering an area of 118,600 sq km, it is the second smallest part of Kazakhstan (Turkistan is the smallest). Its western border is with Russia (Astrakhan region), its eastern border is with the Kazakh Aktobe, Mangystau and Western Kazakhstan areas.

Ural is the boundary between Asia and Europe and from Russia to the Caspian Sea flowing through the Caspian Sea area, which means that the west Atyrau area is in Europe. Much of the Caspian Sea Basin is covered by the oil-rich Caspian depression. There is an offshore gas line from Atyrau to Samara, Russia, where it connects to the existing pipelines in Russia.

From the Tengis Bay, a seperate crude gas line leads to the Black Sea harbour of Novorossiisk in Russia. The north-eastern line of the same degree of longitude and parallel crosses Atyrau. Indian District, with the administration centre in the municipal housing estate Inderbor; Isatay District, the seo ( rural district ) of Akkystau; Kurmangazy District, the seo of Ganyushkino; Kyzylkoga District, the seo of Miyaly; Makat District, the municipal housing estate of Makat; Makhambet District, the seo of Makhambet; Zhylyoi District, the city of Kulsary.

Two places in the Atyrau region have the statute of a city. This is Atyrau and Kulsary. The Isatay and Kurmangazy counties are in Europe, Makat and Zhylyoi in Asia, while Indians and Makhambet span the Urals, which defines the border.

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