Attran Hotel Moulmein

Hotel Attran Moulmein

Please use the column on the right to find restaurants, activities and nightlife near the Attran Hotel. On TripAdvisor, hotels near Attran Hotel, Mawlamyine: Activities near the Attran Hotel on TripAdvisor: Attran is a newly built bungalow hotel, very comfortable and with excellent facilities in every suite. Associated trips with this hotel Hotel Attran has 30 bungalow-style rooms, 10 of which are located on the banks of the river, where you can admire beautiful sundowns. There is an open-air dining area with a choice of Myanmar and China cuisines. Despite being in constant need of renovation and modernisation, it is still one of the best in Moulmein.

Riviera View Budget Hotel with Restaurant - Rating of Attran Hotel, Mawlamyine, Myanmar

This is a really simple bath for this hotel - it' s a very simple one. Everything gets really watery when you have a sluice. We' had a dinner that was fine, but a fairly narrow selection. It was different on the 2 nights we had breakfasts - a rather impoverished one and a very impoverished one.

We had a nice panoramic terrace with a nice look but a restricted selection of simple Myanmar food (rice, pasta etc.) and sausages. Quite shabby, really.

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Along the riverbank - Review of the Attran Hotel, Mawlamyine, Myanmar

Though the third biggest town in the county, it is still relaxed. Even though the town is full of rubbish on the riverbank, it is still quite clear. But even in Attran the restaurant is just gross, too much money and not good. While Hpaan is a dust place and the cave, although interesting, is also full of rubbish, the journey down the Hpaan riverbank is a worthwhile one.

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