Attractive places in Myanmar

Sightseeing Places in Myanmar

Sights & Sights, Holy & Religious Sites. This is Mingalaba and welcome to Myanmar! Lake Inle is an attractive destination not to be missed when travelling in Myanmar. Mandalay Hill - an attractive destination in Mandalay. Situated in the heart of the dry region of Myanmar.

July monsoon in Myanmar - Myanmar Message Board

I' m planing to go to Myanmar in the middle of July for 15 working nights. Have you any idea if I will be confronted with the monsoon during this time? What if we refer to the monsoon in Myanmar? You think this is the best (or almost the best!!!!!) to come to Myanmar during this time?

This will be the mid-soon period when you get here, but don't be scared, this is the high peak tourist seasons for the Spaniards, so you'll still see a lot of visitors. If you are looking for the best value for your budget, July is best because of the low rate and low prices. Now, a sunny and rainy days for an hours or two.

Like mentioned above, it will be less rainy in Central Burma, Mandalay and Bagan. I' m buying the same transport rates as in high seasons, but a hotel is a little less expensive, but it's at their re-rate. However, the cost they offer is still higher than the agent's. I' ve just been told that the company will not board without a Burma virus.

As well as the other Myanmar carriers, Air Asia should be aware of the new VOA development, there will be no issues I haven't known about. Cabs at the Aiport will try to pay $7 to the city center, $5 is a very reasonable fare for this trip.

Join the true Myanmar people, they will keep you warmed up.


The Inle is an appealing traveler' s paradise that should not be missed when travelling Myanmar. The Inle is a fresh water mountain pond about 600 km from Yangon. It is one of the biggest fresh water ponds in Myanmar, where mainly locals are living. First thing when you reach the sea is a very quiet environment and intimate sights as landscape.

There are many other places to see, such as Daw Oo Smooth Temple on the shores of the water, Nga Phe Kyaung Convent, Padaung village, swimming garden, craftsmen' village spread across the area. The discovery of the everyday lives of the locals is another attraction.

Humans are planting a tree on the surface of the sea by making swimming bodies of debris, mossy and boob. By the Inle Sea, humans still hold on to their conventional approaches, controlling the one-legged fishermen' s boats, standing on a stick and holding their equilibrium and then lowering the net, a fishery technique that is unparalleled anywhere else.

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