Atms in Myanmar 2016

Myanmar Atms 2016

Special edition Banking and Finance, published July 2016. We' ve received conflicting information on the use of ATMs. "There will be a stock market in Myanmar in 2015 and trading is also growing. Domestic banks install ATM and POS (as of March 2016). From Kyaw Hsu Mon August 1, 2016.

Myanmar's ATM system is growing dramatically

Burma's Co-Operative Bank Limited (CB Bank) recently announces that it will be doubling the number of its ATMs with the use of 500 new ATMs and money recycling facilities across the state. Diebold Nixdorf, a firm that emerged in 2016 from the combination of the two major bank service companies Diebold and Wincor Nixdorf, was selected.

Previously, the CBank had assisted the firm to incorporate EMV smart cards into all ATMs and to obtain the technically required EMV certificate with VISA and MasterCard. These new ATMs also offer advanced technologies that allow consumers to make withdrawals from their smartphones without a debit or debit cards. Banknote sales are particularly high in Myanmar, where by far the most important means of deposit.

Is the ATM working in Myanmar?

Burma is a beautiful place, but it's been opening up lately. So when I phoned my Bangladeshi branch to ask for my badge, they said it might not work there. As I asked why, they told me that Myanmar was under their "sanctioned countries list". It was a standard chartered and it was a Visa credential from them.

Landing at Yangon International Airport after I had passed immigrated, I went ahead and found some currency exchange, a small store for the sale of Telenor Myanmar's SIM and....some ATM counters! When I saw the stalls, I took my Visa from my bag, put it in the ATM (and began to pray).

I had a Visa issued at Yangon International Airport ATM. There was no stand for Amex. Whenever you take cash from an ATM in Myanmar, 6000 Kyat is withdrawn. This means that every single withdrawal from the ATM you lose over $5.

And you can take off 2,000 at once. It is therefore better to use an ATM if you want to make a large withdrawal, otherwise you better go to a currency change.

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