Atm Yangon Airport

Atm Yangon Airport

Yangon has some official exchange offices, including one at Yangon International Airport. York International Airport, Mingaladon Township, Yangon, Myanmar. Each mall in Yangon has several. Change counters will be opened by KBZ Bank, Ayeyarwaddy Bank and CB at Yangon International Airport, Shwedagon Pagoda and the shopping centres". National ATMs, including two at Yangon International Airport.

Yangon airport ATM? - Bangin (Rangoon) Board

Yangon airport ATM? Anyone know if the foreigner ATM works to use Maestro or Mastercard to redeem funds at the airport? Yangon airport ATM? "Not only Yangon, but also Mandalay, Bago, Taungoo and Pyinmana have ATM machines. An ATM has been installed on your flight to Yangon Airport in the last few business hours.

" I' m traveling to Myanmar at the same moment, so I can't verify that the ATM is working. Yangon airport ATM? The foreigner uses these dispensers elsewhere, as described under "ATMs". Yangon airport ATM? Yangon airport ATM? The Mastercard is acceptable at cash dispensers and possibly Visa - last announced, but no English version yet.

Yangon airport ATM? I hope someone used the ATM at Yangon airport and could give the information that works. Yangon airport ATM? Yangon airport ATM? There was no ATM at the airport the next morning, but the next morning (February 19) I took 150,000 MMK off the plane at the Scott Market and my hotel gave me a price of 1323 MMK to the poun.

Yangon airport ATM? hi Scampston, but I think it's still necessary to make a dollar adjustment to be on the save side. Yangon airport ATM? There were no ATMs at the airport, I used ATMs in two places in the city. In Bangkok Bank Thailand I used my VISA-Debitcard.

ATMs are run by CB Bank and provide a listing of where you can find your local ATM at their branch offices. Yangon airport ATM? That was when we arrived in Yangon later in the evening, so we had to make the payment in US dollar and change it the next mornings.

We have a great global banking and the currency rates were really low (which we found out too later because we couldn't get into our on-line banking in Burma)! Awesome price!

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