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I had a Visa card at Yangon International Airport ATM. Inle Lake; Yangon; Bagan; Mandalay;

Goteik Viaduct; Golden Rock; Bago. ATMs are widespread in all major cities, including the smaller towns, which are well frequented by tourists. For a list of banks, ATMs and currency exchange in Yangon Airport (RGN). A simple solution is to use the growing network of ATMs.

Yangon International Air Station ATM? - In Yangon (Rangoon) News Board

Yangon International Air Station ATM? Anyone know if the foreigner ATM works to use Maestro or Mastercard to redeem funds at the Aiport? Yangon International Air Station ATM? "Not only Yangon, but also Mandalay, Bago, Taungoo and Pyinmana have ATM machines. An ATM has been installed on your flight to Yangon International in the last few business hours.

Yangon International Air Station ATM? The foreigner uses these dispensers elsewhere, as described under "ATMs". Yangon International Air Station ATM? Yangon International Air Station ATM? The Mastercard is acceptable at cash dispensers and possibly Visa - last announced, but no English version yet. Yangon International Air Station ATM? Yangon International Air Station ATM?

Yangon International Air Station ATM? Yangon International Air Station ATM? hi Scampston, but I think it's still necessary to make a dollar adjustment to be on the save side. Yangon International Air Station ATM? There were no ATMs at the airports, I used ATMs in two places in the city. In Bangkok Bank Thailand I used my VISA-Debitcard.

ATMs are run by CB Bank and provide a listing of where you can find your local ATM at their branch offices. Yangon International Air Station ATM? That was when we arrived in Yangon later in the evening, so we had to make the payment in US dollar and change it the next mornings.

Canadian Yangon Cash Machines

Since at least December last year, when I last visited Myanmar, I can verify that CB Bank has calculated a payout threshold of 200,000 kyats per trade. The KBZ still demanded 5000 kyats per deal with a 300,000 Kyat ceiling. This is always a dangerous suggestion, as I do not think it is reasonable for someone who spends 3-4 week in Myanmar and possibly several other places in the county to spend US$2000-3000 (or more).

Eventually your money will run out and the ATM is your only choice. However, you can minimise your withdrawal of money by reserving your accomodation in advanced by direct debiting or with your cred. Everything really does depend on your budgets, the duration of your journey, when you visit several different places, etc.

It may not be a poor concept to bring a few hundred US$, EUR etc. at the beginning of your journey, but if Myanmar is not the first place you visit from home, it is possible that these currency was obtained by taking it from a overseas ATM or exchanging Baht, SGD or other US$ or EUR at a money changer at a transiting airfield such as Bangkok or Singapore.

$2k-3k what do you do to pay this amount of cash in Kyoto? You are probably better off making a reservation on-line or pay by bank transfer if you pay large hotel bills. The most ATM charging rates, there are only 2 UK calling plans, which I believe is not now, one is a debit cardholder, so interest will be charged as soon as you make a withdrawal.

ATM machines in some contries is still in order, as Vietnam, found several Cambodian banks without charges, used to ok, Laos not so good. I would use money and plastic cards for hotels in Thailand, but verify your plastic cards have no charges. Would not relieve on just one ATM ticket, Visa seems exempt in Asia as Mastercard.

So, I suggest you take your money, ATM and credit cards. I' ve never used ATM in Thailand or Myanmar. Do you recall that in Myanmar, what have the humans done before?

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