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Information phone: Alicante Airways at Barcelona-El Prat Airport. For more information contact detais Atlantic Airways at Barcelona Airport. CAPA's Premium Airline Profiles combine our news, data and analysis to provide you with everything you need to know about Virgin Atlantic Airways. In fact, the war interrupted a well-prepared American project for an experimental flight over the North Atlantic.

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Overseas Airways (Nasdaq Iceland: FO-AIR, Faroese: Atlantsflog) is the Faroe Islands' flag carrier, providing air, ground and air transport from Vágar airport on the Faroe Islands of Vágar, offering nationwide air and air transport, as well as searching and emergency medical missions. 2 ] Most of their drivers are members of the Faroe Islands Pilots' Association.

Since 1963 there are frequent flights to the Faroe islands between the Faroe Islands and Denmark. Though Vágar was built by the UK army during World War II, there was virtually no flight service to the island between the time of the UK flight and the time when flights to Copenhagen began.

At the beginning of the 1980s, the founding of a Faroean airlines was demanded. The number of passengers increased constantly and the Dane flag carriers Maersk Air were the only airlines in the Faroe Islands to enjoy the privilege. Atlantic Airways was founded in 1987, first between the Faroe Islands authorities (51%) and the Danes' Cimber Air (49%), with the Faroe Islands authorities taking full control in 1989.

Vágar-Copenhagen services started on 28 March 1988 with a British Aerospace Bale 146. In Vágar, the Faroe Island authorities constructed a hanger to safeguard Atlantic Airways' home bases in the Faroe islands and to guarantee the availability of service on them. It was the objective of the new carrier to establish a Faroean aeronautical industrie on a commercially based level and to connect the Faroe Island with the outside underworld.

Crew and managment were Faeroese. Although capacity utilization was high and the new aircraft services were well received, Atlantic Airways had a tumultuous year. In the early 90s the Faroe Islands experienced a serious economical crisis, and in 1992 the Faroe Islands authorities supplied DKK 75 million to the airline at its low point.

It would not become viable until 1995. In the second half of the 90s Billund in Denmark and Aberdeen in the UK were added to Atlantic Airways' itinerary. The increase in island travel has also made it possible to fly to Aalborg, Stavanger, Stord and Edinburgh. For the 2006 campaign, however, Stord was suspended and Edinburgh was superseded by the Shetland Isles.

In 2006 Atlantic Airways also penetrated the British home air transport markets and was the only airline to operate twice a week a non-stop flight between Shetland and London. UK operations in Germany were discontinued in 2008. Overseas helicopters also provide a home flight to many of the island destinations that are otherwise only accessible by air.

It has been well established on the island since the 1960', when a number of operations, such as ferry and inter-island deliveries, were carried out by coastal patrol in the Faroe islands. In 1978 the Algarve authorities discontinued a chopper for these operations, but in the 1980' a commercially operated community chopper was set up, connecting each of the island with two Bell 222s.

Originally the chopper division was an independent business, SL Hellicopters, but the move to focus Faroean aeronautics in one single business resulted in the chopper division becoming part of Atlantic Airways in 1994. They offer a sightseeing flight hopping to each of the island, which is also perfect for those looking for air shots.

It must have at least one chopper at its disposal that can be used for searching and rescuing operations. In the last 5 years Atlantic Airways has generated between DKK 8m and DKK 13m. In January 2007 Atlantic Airways had 177 employees. ATLANTA Airways was quoted on the Icelandic stock exchange on 10 December 2007.

FAROE's authorities have agreed on a privatization procedure and 33% of the business has been divested in the first round of tender. OY-RCG, the first Airbus A319 for Atlantic Airways, was put into operation in March 2012 with a repaint. Vágar airstrip needed an extra time to get this plane in place.

Second and third Airbus 319 (OY-RCH and OY-RCI) were put into operation in May and October 2013, respectively. We also offer charter flights for Denmark to Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, France, Scotland, Norway and the Cyprus from Copenhagen Kastrup and Billund Aiports. We have a home chopper service[8] to the isles.

Helicopter departures from Vágar Airport on Sunday, Monday (June, July, August only), Wednesday and Friday. Flight to the capitol Tórshavn and the second biggest city Klaksvík, the southerly isles Skúvoy, Stóra Dímun, Suðuroy (Froðba), the northerly Isles Svínoy and Fugloy (Hattarvík and Kirkja), the westerly Isle of Mykines and the Koltur Isle.

It is the airline's main airliner, flying on all services to and from the Faroe Islands. AgustaWestland AW139 is the only prime mover to be used for flying in districtwhere. The 15-passenger chopper will be used for the Faroe Islands shuttles.

1989: An Atlantic Airways glider 146-200 (registration OY-CRG) stopped at the end of the take-off and landing strip and was then out of operation for 3 inches. "Atlantic Airways, Faroe Island, has distinguished itself in overcoming unpleasant business issues.

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