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Assam Live, News Live is one of the best Assamese news channels covering the entire northeast with fast news service. The TOI brings the latest Assam news headlines about Assam crime, Assam politics and live updates about Assam from Times of India. Headline/ FM messages on the phone (NOP). Bezirks-Newsletter (DNL) News Reel (NR) Current Affairs (CA) Human Interest Stories (HIS) (Hrs). Says he's an Assamese and asks her not to kill him.

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Live Assam News (???? ????) is the most widely used 24/7 hour Assam, India news station, which broadcasts the game in Assam. It is the second Northeast Indian Sat-TV news station held by Pride East Entertainments Pvt Ltd. It consists of Syed Zarir Hussain as head of journalism and editor-in-chief.

The NEWS in Guwahati, Assam. This was the first project of Pride East Entertainments Pvt Ltd, a Guwahati-based multimedia group that has now started four more satellite projects. In the last nine years NEWS has become the voices of the population. The audience is overwhelming and it is a leading broadcaster in the area and beyond.

It has surpassed viewer numbers on TAM and now on BARC on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis, clearly reflecting the viewers' affection for this part of the game. The NEWS Bhuyan Sarma, Pride East Group's Chief and MD (CMD), heads NEWS LIVE's administration department, while Syed Zarir Hussain, Chief Executive Editor, heads NEWS LIVE's editors.

It uses the latest TV broadcasting technologies and has backpacks and office space in all major German capitals as well as up to 11 Digital Satellite News Galatering (DSNG) & Outside broadcast (OB) transporters. News Live Assam's slogan is "Pushing Northeast 24X7" and underlines our dedication to focusing on the whole northeast area and making regional history accessible to a broader worldwide public.

Had two men in Assam beat to their deaths.

Fewer than two weeks after rumors of WhatsApp in the Meghalaya state of Shillong caused community abuse, Friday night teenage kidnapping postings via SSMs took two young men on holiday to Assam's Karbi Anglong District for lynch. Inhabitants of Panjuri Kacharigaon, a Karbi tribe town about 200 km eastwards of Guwahati, assumed the pair to be kidnapping children or khupadhoras when they halted to ask for itinerary.

A videoclip about the event, which caused indignation in the public press, sees a heavily bloody Das asking the mobs to be Assamese, not kidnappers, but without success. The Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal, while ordering an investigation into the event, was seeking to curb the abuse of seo.

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