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Ultra-luxury Asian Restaurant Notting Hill London. A non-all-inclusive Asian restaurant offering a fascinating menu to all adult guests of Meliá Llana on Cape Verde. Enjoy the fresh, unique and truly inspired Asian cuisine of MasterChef finalist Larkin Cen. Serves stunning pan-Asian cuisine with unique interactive tabletop technology. Indulge in the best fresh restaurant in the Bromley area.

Ulisa | Asian Restaurant Notting Hill

Situated at Notting Hill Gate, ULI provides a refreshing, sincere access to Asian cooking. The restaurant's chalky lime wood, gentle blues and modern artwork give it a neat and casual look, underlined by a suspended sloping courtyard with beacons. We believe that Asian foods should be safe, tasty, fresh as well as wholesome and that every meal should always be prepared from the ground up.

Founded in 1997 on All Saints Road, ULI became popular with residents and reviewers equally. In its new home on Ladbroke Road, where our patio is part of the pulsating community, ULI is serving lunches, dinners and a wide variety of refreshments, drinks and drinks all year.

Twelve of the best Asian Cuisines in London

The Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and how better to party it than with a lunch in a top Asian restaurant in London. Between Chinatown and Shoreditch, the town is full of squares with swim-sums, sushi and favourite food such as chicken mines and Beijing docks. Be it a multi-course supper or a fast snack, London has everything under control.

So in this sense, here are 12 of the best Asian dining places in London: Baiweiis a nice restaurant on Little Newport Street with Sichuan flavor. When you like your meal hot, go to Baiwei. The TPT Café is a comfortable, modest place, ideal for those who have a reasonable price and offer all kinds of dishes from Canton and Malaysia.

It is more a road cooking than a restaurant, its favourite recipes are beak kut tee, Malaysia bouillon, crunchy oysters and roasted pig-cheese. The restaurant takes its name from the Shan State in Myanmar and pampers its guests with a multitude of delicious food such as lapet toke, no chao bwè and pot ye toast.

It is an online cafe specialized in Asian beverages and desserts. It is particularly appreciated for its bladder tea and has more than thirty different flavors. Typical meals are toasted with caya and saga puddings. It is a beautifully furnished, contemporary restaurant and one of the newer addition to Chinatown's restaurant world.

A Michelin star restaurant with Michelin and Fitzrovia dining. It is high quality, design-oriented and has decorated wood displays, open galleys and nice bars. From Beijing canard with Beluga-caviar to fried Wagyu veal with it. It' a very private and classy place, offering some of the best stewed rolls in London.

The town has a number of eateries in Soho and Fitzrovia, as well as a pub in Netil Market. E&O combines a pan-Asian restaurant and a drink in its own restaurant. He makes a great swimmin' dinner and serves delicious susphi and tempera at noon. The delicious dishes are accompanied by delicious teas and flavours. It also has a nice terrace by candlelight, which makes it ideal for two.

And if you like the Vietnamese way, you'll like Banh Banh. The classical meals are sandwiches, pheasant and a pasta lettuce. Beijing cuisine includes delicious pasta soup, bread and side orders. The Bang Bang is London's biggest Asian meal dish and brings together a large number of specialised catering establishments and stores under one umbrella.

There is the pastry shop, Monster Bites, in one area and the official restaurant Golden Dragon in another area.

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