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Her eyes and mouth will love the new Asian Fusion. Buy Asian Fusion online at Asian Fusion in Ashburn, VA to go. The fusion kitchen is a kitchen that combines elements of different culinary traditions. Asian Fusion is defined by our ability to offer you the best of Asia. Asian Fusion Menu View, Order Chinese Foods Online from Asian Fusion, Best Chinese Delivery in Nottingham, MD.

Merger with Asia

I think your lips and your lips will like the new Asian Fusion. The Tuesday Lunch Special is only available for a restricted period from 11.00 to 15.00 hrs. Incomplete roles (more than five) are calculated at $8. Not available on certain public holiday.

Includes a Pepsi-package. Roles only from the chosen submenu. Completed roles (more than five) are offset against $8. Not available on certain public holiday.

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Bringing Asian fusion cooking to the primary grocery store and being just an exception. In our opinion, this can only be achieved through customer contentment and the best possible service at a reasonable cost. More about Asian Fusion: Masala Country's Asian Fusion is a singular kitchen combining a new, tempting Far Eastern variety into one.

The Asian "fusion" foods were virtually unheard of in the Washington DC area until Masala Country opened the fusion plates in April 2007. Adding to mixed chillies, seasonings such as dressings of garden vegetables, mushrooms, garlic, gingerbread and gherkins makes local China cuisine interesting, tasty and intoxicating. Delivering well cooked chickens and prawns on the barbeque, our one-of-a-kind slice of prawns is served on a warm plate of soda with a selection of side orders, making us a one-of-a-kind Washington DC area delight.

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