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One of Myanmar's leading tour operators. REAL ASIA MYANMAR TRAVELS & TOURS. The Silk Road to Asia Travel & Tours GmbH The vehicles are all air-conditioned (with the exception of some remote rural areas). We at Silk Road To Asia Travels & Tours Ltd.

The Silk Road to Asia Travel & Tours GmbH

is a Myanmar-based destinations management company that offers a variety of travel itineraries. Provide travel experience by traveling to Myanmar and seeing the other side of the globe, which is culturally, socially and historically significant, that every traveler has a longing for the sundowners, the beach, the mountain and the landscapes in a traveler' s home.

All of our travelers drive our travel packages and services, and they are happy to make their dreams come true with skilled and seasoned travelers. We members of Silk Road To Asia Travel Services Company are fully conscious that any of our activities could have an impact on the environment, the economy and the socio-cultural issues in Myanmar.

That is why we are dedicated as a dedicated organiser with an appealing company structure that enables us to attract and keep the most appropriate and qualified people to offer first-class itineraries that can be of value to all our work. It is our vision to become a world-leading, respected, socially accountable management consultant that exceeds the needs of our clients with a strong interest in sustainability in the tourist industry.

The Silk Road to Asia Travel & Tours GmbH 9/F, Thalarwaddy Street, 7 Mile, Mayangone Township, 11061,Yangon, Myanmar.

Travelling with selected Asia - Myanmar Forum

I had never even known about Selective Asia, but I saw on their website that with 99.79% customer feedback they were voted the best tour operator of Wanderlust Magazine 2013. I' m back from the journey now and I' m happy to say YES, they are so good. You have a complete website so that before you get in touch with them, you get a good look at the kind of things you want to do and the kind of places you want to be.

As I contacted Nick Packy, he was easily reached, supportive and above all had first-hand information about many of the places and things to do there. It was therefore simple to review the composition of our tailor-made journey with his expertise. Nick-- nick took the liberty of listening to our needs and abilities.

So we changed the route several beats until I felt at ease that the journey was just right for us. As a result, our conversations and the exchange of e-mails took place quickly and on schedule. After booking came a map and a beautifully woven route that became our scripture as we went from place to place.

In addition, an extra and very useful section of the site was made available, providing more information: restaurants, regional traditions, etc. Preparations for the journey went according to plan. All of the guests arrived on schedule, were organized by regional firms, were competent and friendly. In the middle of the journey animosities erupted between a group of terrorists and the Malay authorities.

The way Nick handled the whole thing was impressive. We were assured that his staff monitored the event, provided us with information from the UK and Malaysia, the locals called the places we were to go and the customers who were there and returned the information.

After our own research on site we chose to go on without any incidents.

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